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  1. Desk Lamps The About Space desk lamp range When it comes to desk lights, About Space has no competition. We’re one of the leading designers and manufacturers of desk lamps in Australia. Our LED desk lamps are designed with work and study in mind, using LED technology to boost productivity and lower stress. But that doesn’t mean old designs and drab colours! Available in a range of interesting designs and bright colours, our modern desk lamps add a touch of fun to your workday. We have a wide range of ...
  2. Outdoor Lighting The About Space outdoor lighting range Illuminate your outdoor space in the best possible way with our modern outdoor lights. We provide exterior lighting for every corner of your outdoor space, from the entrance and driveway, to the lawn and outdoor entertainment spaces, such as a fireplace, swimming pool or pool table. So, whether you’re in search of outdoor wall lights, ceiling lights, spotlights, downlights, festoon lights, patio lights or step lights, we have it all with our wide range. ...
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