In Australia we have loved halogen downlights. Favored by electricians and developers, they’re responsible for ceiling acne in bathrooms, kitchens and bedrooms up and down the country.

They have a lovely quality of light, they dim down well, and they’re cheap, so it’s no wonder they’re so popular. Unfortunately, as with all incandescent light sources, with majority of energy being emitted in infra-red (heat), they’re massively inefficient.

Global warming is happening at an alarming rate and it’s widely accepted it’s being accelerated by human activity. A large part of the human generated CO2 emissions is from electricity production, and in Europe 14% of all electricity consumption is lighting.

Moving away from inefficient incandescent light sources in our homes, and embracing energy efficient technologies has the potential to make a huge energy savings. And of course saving energy saves money in reduced electricity bills.

The government has recognized the role energy efficient lighting can play in reducing Australia’s CO2 emissions and have implemented the ‘light bulb ban’ (phase out of incandescent light sources), to force us as consumers to adopt these new technologies.

At About Space this is something we’re really passionate about. It’s one of the first and most important things we consider when putting together a lighting design. We create beautiful yet energy-efficient lighting schemes for our clients.

Through intelligent lighting controls, highly efficient lamps, and luminaires, and using light when and where it’s needed, we can show you how to reduce your energy consumption. The little things start at home – how efficient is your lighting?

If you’re not sure and you want some help, give us a call and let us talk to you about LED latest technologies and applications.