Transforming an interior to your perfect space is often challenging. These can either be exciting or uphill challenges. The ultimate goal to bring a proper balance to the space and between the elements, is to ensure that all the items complement each other, either directly or indirectly.

In the realm of interior decor, a big-sized room can be easier to decorate. The real challenges come with small ones. The infrastructure and the designing of modern houses has more recently been towards open-floor planning. Apart from this, the approach has been to use lighting and furnishings to utilisethe available space, and maintain an atmosphere where there is a feeling of enough space and height.

Set free the Cave-like environment.

The modern concept of decoration has been influenced by elegance, functionality, and clean lines. It is, therefore, important to look out for dark spaces that shouldn’t be there, and areas that feel cramped, and look at options to create ambience through light, or opening up spaces with not too many dark tones.

Introducing an activity space over the Kitchen Island

A kitchen island is not only about cooking and preparing foods but also a gathering place for friends and family. You can look at brightening up the space by using a cluster of unique light fixtures, or a custom linear pendant light. Alternatively if you can have more minimal look with ceiling can lights. Like the About Space Cannon ceiling lights that come either 160mm high or 300mm high.Just ensure that you are allowing enough light for actual food preparation. You can look at adding dimmers on these lights to give you the option of mood lighting when you are not food prepping.

Add mood, and style with Floor Lamps

Adding afloor lamp to the corner of the room can be the missing piece to make a room feel complete. It is a great way to add ambience to a space without flooding it with light. When selecting the floor lamp for your space, it is good to consider the art work you have placed on the wall. Consider if the floor lamp is arching, will it block your view? Do the colours tie in, or have you selected a neutral colour that can compliment any space?

Defining the Direction of the Light Beams

The importance of light and shadow goes hand in hand. Therefore, it is necessary to make sure that the lights are installed in the proper place and space. Sometimes when we are at the installing lights stage, we don’t know where the furniture will be placed.It may be worth considering installing adjustable ceiling lights, these often are available in different beam angles. About Space Lighting has many adjustable ceiling lights you can choose from, for instance the Beam 12W adjustable ceiling light. This ceiling fitting comes in black or white. It is 180mm high, comes in 3 beam angle options, 60, 38 and 24, as well as the option for different colour baffles. the Beam light is an ideal ceiling light when you want the flexibility of making the light suit your space, and the ability to direct the light in the direct you require makes it extremely versatile. With the adjustable feature, you can direct the light in the appropriate direction at a later stage after installation.

Dont skimp on Style

When selecting lights for a space, take into consideration that you are committing to a look for an extended period of time. It is not like furniture that you can just move or swap when you feel like it. With lighting, an electrician needs to be involved to swap the light over. Select lighting that is going to be efficient but also going to make you happy when you walk and see it every day. Consider the height and size of a space when selecting the appropriate light. Will it be over bearing, dominating, or too small and get lost in the space? Look for practical, light where necessary, and when not necessary, make a statement with a feature pendant.

Adding lights for a Statement

One can opt for different types of lights to make sure that the proper illumination is obtained for different places. Sometimes a space already has enough practical light with the use of downlights and other lights, but the space still seems to be lacking something. This is the perfect opportunity to add in a statement light. You can make it a feature of the room, almost like a piece of art, and in this case you don’t need to take into consideration the practicality, as you are adding to a space that is already sufficiently lit.

In Conclusion

Lights play a significant role in giving a dull space that pinch of brilliance. Therefore, the right lights need to be chosen and placed in the right locations to create the maximum affect, but also use the opportunity to select lights that give you flexibility for change.The beauty of the ambience lies in how well you can balance the shadows with the light.

About Space brings you a variety of lightingoptions and solutions that can range from wall lights to ceiling mounted lights, adjustable light to linear LED pendants, light bulbs, table and floor lamps and many more.check out the extensive lighting collection.