About Space Lighting x ACMI collaboration

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About Space Lighting x ACMI collaboration

About Space is thrilled to be collaborating with ACMI Museum of Screen Culture on the 'Light: Works from Tate's Collection' exhibition.

Opening on Thursday June 16th, this curated collection with London's Tate Modern will showcase iconic light art as both material and the subject.

About Space has been working with ACMI to produce a lighting design that will do justice to the unique collection.

The challenge of light art is to balance the need for practicality with the artists' desired aesthetic. In many cases, the original pieces were not designed with electric light in mind and so it could be tricky to create something that doesn't take away from the artwork.

Ishi’s Light

Inspired by renowned artist Anish Kapoor and the original artwork Ishi's Light, the Ishi Table Lamp pays homage to the conceptual design, which explores the power and presence of light as a continual source of inspiration.

The original artwork design of Ishi’s Light is a large, floor-standing sculpture, which rises to a height of over three metres. Its ground plan is crescent-shaped, and its form is an ovoid: a massive, incomplete eggshell cut off horizontally and, therefore, open at the base and top.

Source: Anish Kapoor

The Ishi Table Lamp conceptual creation

“Our collaboration with ACMI looked to champion the lighting design industry and how light can enhance our daily experiences from functional task lighting to sculptural masterpieces.” - Steven Rollis, Product Designer

The first stage of development focused on what made the sculpture so remarkable. Its unique form, which appears to be unachievable, its scale establishing itself as the room's focal point and its materials cementing it as a masterpiece.

One of the most fascinating things about design is the way it can take an idea and turn it into a reality. After multiple meetings with ACMI and hearing their feedback, we sketched out an idea that we thought had the potential to find the perfect balance between art and consumer product.


Highlighting the attributes that make Ishi’s light so successful meant reducing the design to its simplest form, while creating a product unique to About Space and our design philosophy.


We’re hopeful that the Ishi Table Lamp will achieve the intended balance between functional task light and sculptural masterpiece in homes across Australia. This limited edition table lamp version of the famous sculpture can now be yours to have in your home or office.

Visit the exhibition

Light: Works from Tate's Collection will run from June 16th to the 13th of November at ACMI, located in Fed Square Make sure to check it out and see the Ishi Table Lamp in all its glory! Tickets can be bought here


Buy the Ishi Table Lamp here

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