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‘Capsule’ by Yeend Studio

Originally debuting as part of Yeend Studio’s debut solo exhibition, Capsule was designed as a further exploration of YEEND’s signature ‘pill’ form, and is Yeend Studio’s first foray into pendant lighting design. A natural progression for Lighting Consultant, Tom, you could say.



The Designer

Founded in 2017 by designer Thomas Yeend, Yeend Studio has specialised in the creation of hand-crafted, Australian-produced object and lighting design.

Yeend Studio has produced a range of award-winning designs and pieces, all with a signature use of colour and minimalist form, and dedication to function and sustainability.

Over the years, the studio has also produced several custom commissioned works, designing and crafting for commercial and private clients such as Jardan Furniture, PLANT By Packwood, Dinosaur Designs, and The University of South Australia.

Yeend Studio endeavors to create work that is both playful and refined, with inspirations rooted in colour theory, material exploration, and user interaction and ‘Capsule’ is no exception.

Each piece is truly unique,100% hand-crafted and Australian-made, and produced locally within Melbourne.

The Inspiration

As a glass artist and designer, Tom has always had a great interest in the relationship between glass and light. The two share an age-old relationship, with much of his practice been driven by an insatiable desire to experiment with colour, form, and interaction between the two.

From his more sculptural lighting projects such as, the Kilo Table Lamp and Reo Floor Lamp, it has been a natural progression to exploring these ideas into a larger scale, with the Capsule pendant range being Yeend Studios debut into commercially-available lighting that is sculptural, functional, and entirely hand-made within Melbourne.

Experimentation with colour theory, along with a general love of colour use, has always been a crucial aspect of Tom’s work, which Capsule embodies. However, this range is a departure from the studios signature gem-tone colour palettes, now embracing a more muted, natural approach. With the Capsule range available in Ivory, Apricot, and Blush and each hand-blown in Melbourne, Victoria.

Browse the Capsule Range online or on display in our Fitzroy and St Kilda Showrooms.

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