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Swinburne Competition Winner Kieran Lewis: SOL

We are thrilled to introduce Kieran Lewis, another of our talented winners from the About Space x Swinburne design competition. The Sol Table Lamp is a stunning reflection of our original collection and exudes a handmade touch that warms any space it occupies.  

Kieran Lewis is an exceptionally talented industrial designer who hails from Geelong. With a passion for technology and an unwavering love for Apple's design philosophy, Kieran found his calling in the world of industrial design. He embarked on his creative journey with an engineering degree, but it was his encounter with Computer-Aided Design (CAD) that ignited his true passion, leading him to transition into industrial design. 

Inspiration: From Winter to Warmth 

Kieran’s design process always begins with extensive mood boarding and benchmarking to identify gaps in the market. For this particular design, he drew inspiration from the season of winter, with its unique ambiance and atmosphere. The result was a beautifully curved and hooded design that conveyed a sense of warmth and comfort. 

As a requirement outlined in the design brief, students were tasked with incorporating our Yosh glass into their concept, ensuring that their table lamps blend seamlessly with our existing originals collection. Kieran took the initiative to make the Yosh glass the focal point of the design, skilfully integrating it into the curved form of the Sol. 

Kieran's design stood out from the competition with its simple yet striking aesthetics. Breaking away from the conventional use of black and brass finished metals prevalent in the lighting market today, Kieran's design employed less common materials. The primary manufacturing method used was slip casting, utilising materials such as cement and ceramics to break the mould of conventional materials. 

Kieran's user-centric approach was evident in his design, ensuring that it incorporated user needs and preferences. With the growing prevalence of working remotely or from home, he aimed to create a table lamp that enhanced the home workspace environment, providing users with a sense of comfort and elevation. 

We didn’t make it easy for the students that participated in this design competition. With a tight 4 week turn around from design brief to final drawings, there's not much room for error. But we were amazed to see such talent and dedication from everyone involved. Kieran admitted that the biggest challenge with the project was the short time frame. However, he adeptly managed his time, quickly identifying a concept that met the brief and allowing him to dedicate the latter half of the project to technical components, renders, and drawings. 

Why We Wanted to Collaborate: Elevating the Home 

At About Space, we value innovation, style, and persistence. Kieran's design perfectly aligns with our values and went beyond our expectations. His table lamp design sought to elevate the home workspace environment, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for users. It was this commitment to enhancing the user experience that drove us to bring his exceptional design to life. 

Are you ready to embrace the brilliance of Kieran Lewis's design? We are excited to announce that the Sol Table Lamp is available for purchase on the About Space website and in our showrooms across Australia. The future of design is here, and the next generation of designers are leading the way!

You can read more about how this competition came together, and our other collaborations with Swinburne University here.  

Why not take a look at Kieran's website today:

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