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Exploring Lexus' Journey with About Space: Connecting Showrooms and Lighting Consultations

Lexus Aplin > Business Development Manager

In the world of interior design and architectural aesthetics, finding the right mix of intimacy and innovation is a significant challenge. Lexus Aplin, a key member of the About Space team, has undertaken a remarkable journey embodying this balance. Since joining us early this year, her path has showcased dedication, resilience, and remarkable growth. 

Lexus's voyage with About Space commenced earlier this year, and she immediately immersed herself in the heartbeat of the company to get a better idea of our values and dynamic team. Engaging with various teams and absorbing the intricate nuances of the business, she found an energetic family-grown business, with intimate bonds that resonated deeply with her. Amidst an industry largely dominated by corporate giants, About Space's essence captivated her. 

With over 13 years' experience in the construction industry and commercial consultancy, Lexus was eager to take on the challenge and be part of the original team opening our brand-new showroom in Canberra. 

For Lexus, the heart and soul of About Space lies within its people and culture. Right from the outset she feels that she was embraced as part of the family. 

Being a part of the pioneering team for the Canberra showroom presented Lexus with unique challenges. Launching a home-grown brand in Canberra required a balance between generating enthusiasm and contributing to the initial setup. Creating connections from scratch within the ACT demanded steadfast persistence and unwavering dedication. Lexus excels in establishing robust connections with her clients, employing a close and collaborative approach. This enables her to curate awe-inspiring lighting designs that not only meet the functional requirements of projects but also infuse them with a sense of wonder and inspiration. If you are interested in how our amazing team of lighting professionals can bring your next project to life, get in touch with them here. 

Yet, it is overcoming these challenges that is one the most gratifying aspects of Lexus's journey with About Space. She finds it immensely fulfilling to witness the impact of her efforts elevating our brands’ presence across all corners of Australia. With every handshake, conversation, and connection she and every member of our incredible team contributes, the success of About Space continues to grow.  

Among the memories etched into Lexus's journey so far, the grand opening of the Canberra showroom shines most brilliantly. The camaraderie and shared joy during the opening festivities left an undeniable imprint on her.  

Amidst About Space's extensive array of products and collections, Lexus finds herself particularly drawn to the Forma range designed by Brigit Heller.  

“These pieces evoke memories of my childhood, reminiscent of the handcrafted sacks I used to collect ocean treasures. Much like clouds, the allure of the forma range lies in its capacity to evoke unique interpretations in every beholder." 

Lexus's voyage with About Space so far is a narrative of determination, exploration, and the importance of connections.  

Interested in the world of commercial lighting design? Connect with us today to explore innovative possibilities for your next project. 

Find your nearest About Space Showroom here and step into a world of inspiration and design excellence! 

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