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Mushroom Lighting; the biggest Pinterest trend to kick off 2023!

The world of interior and lighting design is abuzz with the latest trend that's taking it by storm - Mushroom Lighting! This distinctive style of lighting takes inspiration from the shape of mushrooms, evoking a sense of 1970s aesthetics, typically characterised by a cinched-in waist and a curvy top or bottom 
Unlike traditional lighting fixtures that often have sharp, angular lines and a modern feel, mushroom lighting has a more organic and natural look. The soft, rounded shape of the mushroom creates a warm and inviting atmosphere, making it perfect for creating a cozy, comfortable space. 


Caroline Pendant- Project Kent Road
One of our exclusive designs, the Caroline Pendant, has a shape reminiscent to that of a mushroom. Its underside is adorned with frills that mimic the gills of a mushroom, while the rounded top is bulbous and shaped like the cap of a mushroom. When lit, the light emanating through the bottom of the pendant creates an effect that looks like a stem, adding to the overall mushroom-like aesthetic. 


Cambio Table Lamp


The Cambio Table Lamp similarly boasts a natural shape with its versatile and stylish design. The lampshade is the highlight of the Cambio Collection, as it is available in four different styles and sizes, all featuring a mushroom-like cap with rounded shapes and gentle curves. Furthermore, the shade can be customised in various colours to match the decor of your space or your personal style, effortlessly lending itself to that 70s-inspired vibe. 
Don't miss out on the opportunity to elevate your interior design game with our collection of trendy and versatile Mushroom Lighting 

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