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Stylish Lighting Solutions for Your Kitchen Makeover

Is your kitchen feeling a bit dated or worn out? Maybe it's clinging to trends best left in the past. It's time for a change—because sometimes, a makeover is just as refreshing as a vacation. A well-designed update can reignite the charm of your space.

Kitchen renovations are on the rise as more homeowners seek to modernize the heart of their homes. Not only does this elevate the ambiance, but it also boosts property value and enhances daily living. Ready to bring your kitchen into the 21st century? Let’s explore some stylish lighting solutions that will transform your space.

Makeover or Renovation?

Call it a makeover or a facelift, these projects are all about making impactful cosmetic changes. Picture this: new cabinet doors, sleek countertops, modern backsplashes, stylish hardware, and, of course, updated lighting—all designed to elevate your kitchen's visual appeal.

Achieving maximum impact with minimal expense? Absolutely. Kitchen makeovers are a cost-effective alternative to full-blown renovations, sparing you from the hefty costs of major structural changes while still delivering a stunning transformation.

Kitchen Lighting Considerations

As the heart of your home, your kitchen deserves lighting that not only enhances its new aesthetic but also sets the perfect tone. Thoughtful lighting design is key to achieving this, while also addressing practical considerations like safety.

The colour of your lights plays a significant role in defining the ambiance of your kitchen. Warm white or soft yellow lights are popular choices, creating an inviting atmosphere and complementing natural materials like wood or marble. On the other hand, if you prefer a sleek and modern look, cool white or bright white lights will elevate your space, providing a clean, crisp appearance that pairs beautifully with stainless steel appliances and minimalist designs.

You can't miss these key kitchen lighting trends that will undoubtedly add the perfect finishing touch to your makeover.

Antique and Vintage Designs

Incorporating vintage style pieces is a fantastic way to add character and history to your kitchen, and one of the easiest opportunities is through lighting.

An eclectic blend of eclectic and modern design elements can result in the most captivating spaces. Antique lighting, in particular, can create a timeless kitchen that transcends fleeting trends.

We recommend:

Ribbed Collection
Camilla Pendant

About Space Lighting Camilla Ribbed Pendant Light

Oversized Pendant

Exaggerated scale and form are becoming increasingly popular. Shapes like cones, domes, and scallops not only serve as striking focal points but also cast captivating patterns of light and shadow, enhancing a room's ambiance.

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Poppy Pendant

Top Eazy

Natural materials

The light diffused through a rattan or wicker shade creates a distinctly whimsical aesthetic compared to fabric, offering a unique charm.

Kitchens, filled with hard surfaces and practical appliances, can easily feel cold and clinical. Incorporating lighting made from natural materials can transform the space, establishing a more rustic and grounded atmosphere. This approach helps make the kitchen feel softer, warmer, and more inviting.

We recommend:



Sculptural statements

A statement pendant light or chandelier can serve not only as a functional light source but also as a stunning design element and focal point, all while conserving valuable surface space.

We recommend:

Sputnik 4

Caterpillar H1000


The luxurious use of metallic lighting often enhances existing design details in the kitchen. For instance, the metallic finish of a range hood is echoed in barstools, lighting fixtures, and cabinet handles, creating a cohesive sense of rhythm and balance.

We recommend:

Barco Linear

About Space Lighting Barco LED Linear Spotlight Pendant Light


The popularity of multifunctional lighting that can be adjusted to suit different uses of a room is expected to continue growing.

Perimeter lighting, distinct from central lighting, can effectively zone your kitchen, making it ideal for spaces with a kitchen island or separate seating area. A layered lighting scheme can also transform the overall mood of the kitchen.

From practical spotlights to colorful wall lamps, a diverse mix of lighting will always create a more functional and inviting kitchen space.

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