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The About Space ceiling light range

About Space is one of Australia's leading retailers of modern ceiling lights and ceiling light fixtures. Our diverse range of contemporary ceiling lights comes in all shapes, sizes and finishes, making finding the right light for your decor simple. Featuring designs from leading lighting designers focusing on Australian-made pieces, our on-trend lights include oyster lights, decorative ceiling lights and surface-mounted downlights, providing perfect illumination. We also have a huge range of energy-efficient LED ceiling lights.

How to choose a ceiling light

When choosing a ceiling light, consider the decor and function of your space. Many of our ceiling lights are sleek and simple, providing general illumination without getting in the way of other features in your room. We also have a range of decorative ceiling lights if you need general illumination but don't want to compromise on style. Do you want your ceiling light to blend into the background or turn heads as a feature in its own right? Most About Space ceiling lights are available in black or white finishes, perfect for blending into your space or creating a striking contrast. For the workspace, you'll want a functional ceiling light with a bright bulb to keep you focused.

Ceiling lights, downlights or pendants?

Recessed ceiling lights and downlights are installed inside the ceiling, while surface-mounted downlights and oyster lights are installed on the ceiling's surface. Ceiling lights are a great alternative to traditional downlights - especially when your ceilings are too low for pendants but you don't want to compromise on style. Sitting close to the top's surface, they're perfect for rooms with low ceilings and can make the room seem larger.

LED ceiling lights

Many of our ceiling lights use LED bulbs. LED ceiling lights are more energy efficient, longer lasting and cost less. They're a great choice for ceiling lighting because it's a source of illumination you often use! Ceiling light bulbs can also be tricky to change. Using LED bulbs means you'll rarely have to change them.

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