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The About Space ceiling light fixing plate range

About Space is the perfect destination to find commercial lighting ceiling plates that will bring class and elegance to any space. Their range consists of plates that can provide general room lighting, as well as those aimed to highlight specific areas, such as a decorative wall piece or a certain location within a room. With each plate crafted using sophisticated craftsmanship techniques and materials of the highest quality, these commercial light fixing plates are sure to have a positive impact in any commercial setting. Whether you're searching for a modern, vintage or rustic-style plate, About Space’s commercial lighting ceiling plates collection has exactly what you need.

Our commercial ceiling light fixing plates come in several sizes with an elegant, sophisticated styling – perfect for any commercial or residential space. With the included installation hardware, it's easy to install and adjust these commercial ceiling light fixing plates with minimal effort. They also include an impressive weight capacity so they won't easily bend or break. All in all, our commercial ceiling light fixing plates are a reliable, attractive product perfect for getting the job done right!

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