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Our Impact

Giving for a Brighter Tomorrow

We believe in the power of education to create a better world. So, we have teamed up with B1G1 to provide education learning hubs to children across Australia.

B1G1 is a social enterprise and non-profit organisation with a mission to create a world full of giving. Unlike conventional giving models, B1G1 helps small - and medium-sized businesses achieve more social impact by embedding giving activities into everyday business operations and creating unique giving stories. Every business transaction (and as a result, the business’ day-to-day activity) can impact lives.





About Space are proud to donate to Star Light

At Starlight we know that happiness matters to sick kids facing the pain, fear, and stress of serious illness. That’s why we work in partnership with health professionals to bring the fun, joy and laughter that is essential to sick kids’ health and wellbeing. 

From one Starlight Wish granted more than 30 years ago, we now create over half a million Starlight Experiences to sick kids each year. 

All of those experiences are based on the needs of seriously ill children and young people. Our programs are supported by research and evaluation to ensure excellence in everything we do. Starlight is Australia’s broadest reaching children’s charity and recognised as an integral part of the healthcare system. 


About Space are proud to donate to SecondBite

SecondBite is the most efficient national food rescue organisation in Australia. Our combined Community Connect and Direct Delivery models of food rescue and distribution keeps our operating costs low. This means that for every $1 we donate, Second Bite distributes enough food for up to 5 meals.


About Space are proud to donate to Marici

Marici's Holistic Solution

Marici’s holistic solution reduces child sex trafficking by over 80% in highly affected regions.

Intelligence Collection: Infiltrating and raiding child sex trafficking networks
Aftercare: Rehabilitating rescued survivors
Legal: Prosecuting criminal syndicates
Community Building: Mobilizing communities to drive government action

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