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One-on-one Lighting Consultations

We truly believe that lighting design is something of an artform, one that can bring playfulness, focus, warmth or sophistication to your everyday spaces. If it’s done well.

At About Space, we’ve been providing lighting solutions since 2009, giving customers access to a range of About Space and other local brands, as well as a custom-made lighting service. Importantly, we take the headache out of the often-challenging process of selecting lights for your home, garden or commercial project.

Lighting to us is like endorphins to an athlete; we can’t get enough! We get pretty excited about creating a great lighting design that’s energy efficient, meets practical needs, fits your budget and, quite literally, lights up your life. Let’s see how we can exceed your expectations.

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Working from a Floor Plan

We want you to have the best-lit space possible. Whether you’re building or renovating, a business-owner or an architect, interior designer or a builder, we can work with you to find a lighting solution that matches your needs and style.

We save you precious time and money.

 Here’s how the process works:

 1.    We ask you to submit a brief including floor plans so that we can get a feel for your space.

 2.    We catch up with you for a friendly chat to find out what you want and what you like. Sometimes our clients want a lot of input, other times they leave it to us. We’re happy with any level of involvement.

 3.   We prepare a lighting design proposal, as comprehensive as required, including a high level of detail ie measurements for the height of wall lights, installation instructions and cost breakdown. For this, we charge a fully refundable fee of $150-$250 for in-store/virtual consults and $250 for on-site consults, which is taken off the cost of lights purchased on order over $2000.00. Don’t worry, we will work hard to get you the best quality for the best price.

If you have any queries, please fill in the above form and we will get back to you shortly.

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