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Magus Accessories:

Straight Connector: Inline connector any for Magus Magnetic track

L Horizontal Connector90deg. Horizontal connector for Magus Magnetic track

L Vertical Connector: 90deg. Vertical connector for Magus Magnetic track (suitable for connecting a wall mounted Magus Track with a Pendant or Ceiling mounted Magus Track)

Corner Horizontal Trim

Corner Horizontal Trimless

Corner Horizontal Plaster Recessed

Corner Vertical Trim

Corner Vertical Trimless

Corner Vertical Plaster Recessed

Corner Exterior Vertical Trim

Corner Exterior Vertical Trimless

Corner Exterior Vertical Plaster Recessed

T Connector Trim

T Connector Trimless

T Connector Plaster Recessed

X Connector Trim

X Connector Trimless

X Connector Plaster Recessed

Cover Strip: cover strip can be cut to size and placed between track lights on the Magus Track for a seamless look

Drivers: Magus LED Driver 48V 75W / 150W / 200W / 240W 

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Download Corner Trimless Connector Line Drawing

Download Corner Trim Connector Line Drawing

Download Corner Plaster Recessed Line Drawing

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