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Matlock House

This Monte Albert home in Victoria is style with About Space lighting solutions that make the most of the style and sophistication of the property from its interiors to exterior facade.

The 2YB3 BRS linear pendant light with a gold finish stylishly floats above the dining room table complementing the dark colour scheme of the room. The 2YB3 BRS is a custom design and made in Melbourne.

The Kitchen features three About Space Cannon C white ceiling lights that are installed above the kitchen bench illuminating the marble features of that table. Beside the garage door, the outdoor pillar up/dn lights made from aluminium with a matte grey finish reinforce the space's sophisticated style.

This home in the family suburb of Mont Albert enhances its luxe design with About Space's bespoke lighting solutions.


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2yb3 BRS linear pendant
Cannon C ceiling light
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