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Orange Sherbet

At About Space we take pride in our team's ability to reflect the essence of a space with creativity and style. We understand the crucial role of lighting in a retail setting and we collaborated closely with OC Interiors to create a captivating ambiance that perfectly complements the retail store, Orange Sherbet's unique character. 

The Power of Lighting in Retail:

Lighting plays a pivotal role in retail environments, influencing customer experiences, mood, and even purchasing decisions. It has the ability to create focal points, highlight merchandise, and evoke emotions. Understanding these nuances, we worked tirelessly to develop a lighting design that would enhance the Orange Sherbet shopping experience. 

Working closely with OC Interiors, a team of passionate design enthusiasts and building experts, was an absolute delight. Their shared values of creativity, attention to detail, and a love for their craft mirrored our own, making the collaboration seamless and rewarding. 

Elevating with Finishes and Textures:

To bring a touch of sophistication and elevate the ambiance, we worked on incorporating brushed brass finishes throughout the store. This choice not only exuded a sense of elegance but also added a contemporary element that perfectly aligned with Orange Sherbet's aesthetic vision. The brushed brass finishes acted as eye-catching accents, enhancing the overall design scheme. 

A warm and welcoming environment was paramount for Orange Sherbet. To achieve this, we opted for soft opal glass in our lighting fixtures. This choice provided a gentle and diffused illumination, enveloping the space in a cozy embrace. The opal glass created a sense of comfort and tranquility, encouraging customers to explore and linger within the store. 

Balancing Practicality and Aesthetics:  

In a retail setting, lighting should not only be visually appealing but also practical. We carefully considered factors such as proper illumination of merchandise displays, accentuating key areas, and ensuring optimal visibility for customers. Our designs strike a perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics, seamlessly integrating into the store's layout. 

By combining our expertise in lighting design with the creative vision of OC Interiors, we successfully transformed Orange Sherbet into a haven of style and inspiration. The carefully curated lighting design creates a welcoming atmosphere that invites customers to indulge in the unique shopping experience. The brushed brass finishes and soft opal glass harmonise to enhance the store's distinct personality, leaving a lasting impression on all who enter. 

Lighting truly has the power to transform spaces, and we are honoured to have been a part of creating an exceptional retail experience for Orange Sherbet with OC Interiors. 

Step into one of our showrooms today to experience the magic of our designs first hand. Find your closest About Space showroom here!


Orange Sherbet



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