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Scape Franklin

Scape Living was designed by the beautiful mind of Dean Walker and his team at AB Rogers. Known for creating world-class living and learning environments and architect-designed student accommodation, Scape Living wanted to ensure that the team’s design intent was in line with the company’s mission to Brighten Bright Students

Scape Living first brought on About Space Lighting to consult on the value management process. But following an in-depth presentation and showroom tour from the About Space commercial team, who proposed alternative lighting options while staying true to the design intent, lux levels, quality, and purpose, About Space was later awarded the project.  

About Space’s high-quality, varied product range came to the fore in this project, as it was felt that they surpassed similar options from European and US brands. Led by Don and Mark from our commercial team, we further supported the project with lighting samples, lighting calculations, technical drawings, and on-point new product concepts.

This project was all about custom lighting and included options from the Zero, Pele, Forton, Fortes, Kika, Lucea, Raydon, and Skyball ranges. The lighting solution made for an incredible kaleidoscope of colours throughout the build. A highlight was the lobby's Tube lights, which were inspired by the About Space Tuba collection. The challenge was to stop these custom pendants from moving with airflow from aircon units. The pendants were originally suspended on a cable but they were later redesigned with a metal 25mm diameter tube drop.

During the manufacturing process, About Space was also involved in communicating with all key contractors, namely ASI Electrics and Built. About Space ensured that all delivery schedules were met and product information met site requirements. 


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