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Sparkling Close

Welcome to Sparkling Close, our latest residential project that seamlessly combines innovative design elements with our original lighting designs.  

Sleek & Modern with Contemporary Lighting: 

One of the key features of Sparkling Close is the continuous use of black lighting fixtures with warm lighting throughout the entire home. This deliberate design choice creates a distinct and cohesive style that unifies all spaces in the home. The contrast between the black fixtures and the natural finishes and wood materials in the kitchen and bathroom adds an extra layer of visual interest, resulting in a sleek, contemporary ambiance. 

The geometric shape of our original design, the Hendrix Y pendant, brings a touch of sleek modern style to the rooms it is featured in. These black lighting fixtures effortlessly blend into the overall aesthetic of Sparkling Close, enhancing the contemporary appeal. Whether it's in the living room or dining area, our Hendrix pendants create a sense of sophistication and elegance. 

Filling Those Void Spaces:  

In the space above the stunning staircase at Sparkling Close, we utilised our Tuba pendant as a form of void lighting. Void lighting refers to the strategic placement of lights to illuminate areas that are otherwise overlooked or under-utilised. The Tuba was the perfect choice for this space.

By customising the arrangement with multiple Tuba pendants of different lengths, we created a unique and one-of-a-kind lighting feature that became a focal point in one of the main spaces of the home.

Hallways and staircases like this one are often overlooked when it comes to interior design. Read our lighting guide here, to find out how you can best utilise this space in your home! 

Tying It All Together:  

At Sparkling Close, we aimed for a holistic approach to interior design, ensuring that all elements harmonised with one another. We incorporated black finishes to complement those in other areas, such as the windows and glass door trim. This cohesive colour scheme accentuated the sleek, contemporary feel that permeated every aspect of the interior design. 

Sparkling Close is a testament to the power of thoughtful design and customised lighting fixtures. Explore our range of original designs, such as the Hendrix and Tuba, to find the perfect contemporary piece for your space. 

Sparkling Close  

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