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Cattaneo Illuminazione: Lighting the World with Italian Creativity

For over forty years, Cattaneo Illuminazione has been at the forefront of lighting innovation, harnessing technology to craft new light fixtures that meet the evolving needs of the market. With a commitment to high quality and good Italian design, our team of artisans collaborates to create the "Lighting Field," transforming spaces into vibrant idea studios.

Driven by a synergy of creativity and technology, our lamps feature low-energy and LED designs, meticulously crafted to provide ergonomic interior lighting solutions. Careful material selection and precise finishes ensure top-quality products, exclusively made in Italy and Europe.

Our dedication extends beyond product creation. With extensive project and technical support, we offer architects and installers a comprehensive service tailored to their needs. Prompt customer service fosters trust and professionalism, forming the foundation for captivating projects, particularly in hospitality, open spaces, and large installations.

Cattaneo Illuminazione is more than a lighting company—it's the embodiment of Italian creativity that illuminates the world with elegance and innovation.

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