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The About Space Magnetic Track Lighting Range

Magnetic track lights are installed on the tracks by magnets. The aluminium shell, copper connectors and silver contacts of the track are electro-plated to ensure excellent corrosion resistance, and the surface is anodized to provide a smooth finish. A variety of channel adapters are available for any configuration inside and outside corners, wall-to-ceiling.

Looking for other types of track and track lighting? Check out our collection of single-circuit track, track spotlights, and recessed track lighting.

What makes magnetic track lighting a better option?

The magnetic track light can be used with any recessed, trimless surface or suspended mount luminaire. It’s also possible to use the magnetic track with a variety of other lighting products such as wall washers, pendants, and double or single spotlights. The flexibility of the system allows for a wide range of design possibilities. With its unique features, a magnetic track light system can transform your space.

Do you need a custom magnetic track light tailored to your needs?

Choosing the right magnetic track to illuminate your space can be hard. Not sure where to start? Don’t worry. Our experts will guide you in finding and designing the perfect magnetic track to complement your decor through our lighting consultation service.

Or, if you can’t find the design you’re after, or you like bits from different designs and wish to combine them into one, no problem! We can configure your track lighting to match your room’s décor with custom lighting. All our manufacturing is carried out in-house, so it’s easy to customise your chosen light just for you.

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