Sarah Van Der Schans embarked on the creation of the Noa lamp as part of a collaboration between About Space and Swinburne University. The design competition aimed to encourage innovative concepts that not only visually engage but also redefine the interaction with living spaces. Sarah's exceptional creativity and commitment earned her recognition as one of the competition's outstanding winners. Presenting the Noa Table Lamp, a remarkable creation by Sarah Van Der Schans, constructed with durable concrete, its eye-catching speckled design complements its angular form, creating a bold statement. Featuring our Yosh glass at its core, the Noa's versatile design allows for rotation and display from various perspectives, adding a dynamic and distinctive touch to your decor. This stunning table lamp brings style and sophistication to your surroundings, elevating every moment with its illuminating presence.

Swinburne x About Space Competition Winner: Sarah Van Der Schans Product Journey
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Finish: Shadow fleck or Milky fleck with Yosh Glass

Material: Terrazzo concrete

Dimensions: L: 260mm x H: 110mm x D: 120mm
Glass Diam: 80mm - 110mm

Globe Type: LED

Wattage: 2W

Lumens: 180lm

Kelvin: 3000K

Dimmable: Non-dimmable

IP Rating: IP20


  • About Space x Swinburne University, Industrial Design Winner 2023
  • Designer Sarah Van Der Schans

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