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Swinburne Competition Winner Sarah Van Der Schans: NOA

In the dynamic world of design, innovation is the driving force that propels aesthetics, functionality, and user experience to new heights. The remarkable story behind the creation of the Noa lamp, serves as a testament to the power of creativity and forward-thinking design. 

Sarah's journey to crafting the Noa lamp began through the collaboration between About Space and Swinburne University. The aim of the design competition was to foster innovative design concepts that would not only captivate the eye but also redefine the way people interact with their living spaces. Sarah's ingenuity and dedication stood out, earning her the accolade of one of our incredible competition winners. 

Designing Noa: A Blend of Curiosity and Elegance 

The birth of Noa was grounded in extensive research and ideation, where Sarah delved into current trends to uncover novel approaches that could redefine the market. Her mindset, characterised by curiosity and open-mindedness, allowed her to infuse creativity into every step of the design process. Through rounds of iteration and prototyping, a refined concept of Noa emerged. 

At the core of Noa's inspiration was the desire to create an interactive table lamp that would kindle curiosity among users regarding the manipulation of light in their spaces. Sarah's vision seamlessly combined the industrial allure of concrete with the soft illumination of our Yosh glass range, resulting in a visually striking yet harmonious design. 

Innovation Amidst Familiarity 

While the materials and manufacturing methods employed in Noa are shared with other products in About Space's collection, the true innovation lies in the lamp's versatility. The ability to manipulate and customise light effects through interactive repositioning is a rarity in the market, and Sarah's design effectively bridges this gap. Noa's design fuses simplicity and striking aesthetics, setting it apart from existing products. 

For Sarah, Noa isn't just a lamp; it's an experience. She envisions users engaging with Noa in a playful, intuitive manner, exploring its various positions to create unique visual effects. Noa encourages self-expression and individuality.  

Design's Role in Shaping the Future 

Sarah's journey underscores the pivotal role industrial design plays in shaping our technological future. Through innovative concepts like Noa, products become more sustainable, user-centric, and accessible.

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