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About Space featured in Season 4 (North Bondi) of Love it Or List It Australia!

About Space is delighted to be featured on season 4 of Love It Or List It Australia. Although, it’s not the first time - check out the About Space lights featured in the beautiful homes on Season 3 of Love It Or List It.

The show, which airs on Foxtel’s LifeStyle Channel, follows Andrew Winter and Neale Whitaker as they help homeowners across the country decide whether they should renovate or sell their homes.

We’ve been featured in 3 exciting episodes, including:

  • Episode 4: North Bondi
  • Episode 5: Hunters Hill
  • Episode 6: Waverley 

In episode 4, couple Justin and Megan redesigned their North Bondi home with the following contemporary lights from About Space: Commercial Lighting Sales.


Ledon downlight, Upendo Wall light and Novi wall light

Shop: Ledon downlight, Upendo wall light, Novi wall light

Ledon downlight

This functional Ledon downlight is made of high-quality aluminium topped off with a satin white finish. It’s a versatile lighting solution that works well in any residential space. 

Upendo wall light

The Upendo wall light is a geometric wall light that’s both minimalistic and bold. Three narrow, aluminium rectangular frames overlap one another for a stunning and eye-catching effect. This is the perfect lighting to complement any modern space. 

Novi indoor wall light

The Novi indoor wall light is a contemporary and stylish wall light to add to your space. It’s a beautiful light to amp up the ambience of your space.

Shop: Bron 600 pendant light and Leon track light

Bron 600 pendant light

Our Bron 600 pendant light, designed by About Space, features a steel wire frame around an exposed lightbulb. This design is an eye-catcher and perfect as a feature pendant. 

About Space Love It Or List It Bedroom

Leon track light

The Leon track light is a highly versatile light, with cans that can be easily adjusted to illuminate any corner of a space. This light is  available in a black white or brass finish. Perfect for a minimalist or sleek space.

About Space Pillar Up Down light, Festoon lighting

Shop: Pillar Up Down light and Festoon 15 lighting

Pillar Up Down light

The Pillar Up Down light is a sleek outdoor wall light perfect for enhancing outdoor spaces. It provides beautiful illumination and spreads light evenly both upwards and downwards to increase the practicality of outdoor spaces.

Festoon lighting

Festoon lighting is perfect for introducing soft, ambient lighting to your outdoor area. They’re designed to create a relaxing and ambient look and feel in your outdoor space.

Love It or List It Dining Room with About Space lighting


Got your eye on one of the products featured? Get in touch with the About Space team to get the look.  




About Space is a  proud supplier of Ledon downlights, Upendo Wall L BK indoor wall lights, Novi 1200 WH indoor wall lights, Bron 600 pendant lights, Leo Track WH track lights, Pillar Up/Dn BK outdoor wall lights and Festoon 15 Bk lights to Love it or List it Australia, exclusive to the LifeStyle Channel. For more information on Love it or List it and the transformations, head to lifestyle.com.au. Our products were used in Season Four episodes 4,5 and 6 of Love it or List it Australia in this way: delivery and installation of lighting.

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