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About Space X Swinburne University pave the way for the future of industrial design

Experience Meets Innovation

In the world of lighting design, About Space Lighting is constantly striving to break new ground and explore & work with new Australian designers. 

Our commitment to push the boundaries of what's possible in lighting design has earned us a reputation as one of the most innovative and forward-thinking lighting brands. Now, we're using our vast knowledge and experience to mentor and inspire the next generation of industrial lighting designers in Australia. By sharing our expertise and insights, About Space is helping to shape the future of lighting design and ensure that this vibrant industry continues to evolve and thrive. 

Our Partnership

Lighting Design Competition About Space x Swinburne University

This partnership between About Space and Swinburne University came to fruition when both sponsored the Light: Works from Tate's Collection exhibition at ACMI Museum of Screen Culture. The sponsorship prompted Veronica Vasserman, from About Space to propose a student design competition to Swinburne University. Naturally, Swinburne University jumped at the opportunity to support their students and up-and-coming industrial designers. Young designers bring a unique perspective and a willingness to take risks, and for this reason About Space’s team was excited to see fresh ideas that would reflect their own values and energetically push the boundaries of traditional design.  

The Design Story

Lighting Custom Design About Space

During the last semester of 2022, About Space and Swinburne University senior lecturer Charles Ranscombe worked together to present an exciting challenge to students; design a table lamp while adhering to specific parameters, but with complete freedom to explore creative and innovative ideas throughout the project. About Space enthusiastically supported the students throughout the process, encouraging them to think outside the box and push the limits of what's possible in lighting design. 

The competition proved to be a great success, with 38 unique designs submitted for consideration. About Space provided feedback and guidance during two workshop sessions, and the team ultimately chose not one, but four incredible winners. The winners are now working closely with About Space's development team to refine their designs and bring them to life for commercial purchase. Working with About Space, the winning students will have the opportunity to network with industry professionals in the coming months, which will provide them with invaluable connections, insights, and potential job opportunities. 

The final products, which are set to be available to purchase within the next nine months, will be exclusively sold through About Space both on their website and in their premier showrooms.

As Veronica puts it, "We believe in the future of Australian industrial designers, and this competition has developed a long-term relationship with Swinburne University." 

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