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Five lighting trends that designers are loving in 2019

The right (or wrong) lighting can have a huge impact on the look and feel of your space. Getting it right is not only the best way to set the mood, it’s also an opportunity to add an element of drama to your room. That’s because the latest lighting trends go beyond illumination. Designers and architects are loving using lights as decorative centrepieces, so they’re looking for more interesting designs and bolder materials.

Find out how to design a stylish space with the top five lighting trends of 2019.

Linear Ceiling Lights

Linear lighting that spans the length of the room was big in 2019, providing an alternative to the traditional vertical lights and pendants.

While linear lighting makes it easy to achieve a minimal and clean look, designers are loving using linear lights that are more sculptural in form, using large-scale linear lights to add dramatic effect to a room.

Linear lights are ideal for use anywhere that you require task lighting (illumination for activities like reading, cooking and grooming), such as above workbenches and kitchen islands.

To get the minimal look, choose lights with clean lines and slim features. The simplicity of these lights can accentuate the long, lean and linear look. Or, if you’re going for a statement piece, pick something more sculptural. Asymmetrical lights can add drama to a space and act as the focal point of your room.


Okay, so this trend has been around for a while, but in 2019, designers are still loving brass.

Brass can come in a range of finishes, from bright golden hues to darker, more distressed looks. Lighter brass complements white walls to give a space a look that’s fresh and bright, while darker brass adds a touch of luxury.

In 2019, warm brass, also known as aged brass, natural brass or antique brass was in, with designers using the golden tones to add warmth and sophistication to their projects.

To achieve the look, subscribe to the rule that less is more. Overdoing it can overwhelm a space. Instead, use brass modestly to give your space a pop of colour. Brass works well anywhere you want to add a touch of luxe, such as an ornamental chandelier in a master bedroom.

Three brass-coloured pendant lights hanging from chain cords in three different sizes: small, medium and large.

Smart Lighting

Growing interest in energy-efficient and eco-friendly lighting options has boosted the demand for smart lighting. Smart technology embedded in lighting is not only good for your eco-credentials, but it also enables you to turn your lights on, off, up and down using an app or your voice.

Smart lighting is available in a range of different styles. In fact, a reality where all lights are digitally connected is not far away.

The great thing about smart lighting is that it uses LED lights, rather than traditional incandescent and fluorescent light bulbs. While traditional light bulbs tend to have the same bulb shape, LED lighting allows for flexibility and endless design possibilities. LED lights also require less space than traditional bulbs, meaning designers can get creative with smart lighting design.   

Smart lighting also gives you more freedom to play with lighting layers, so you’re able to get the ambience just right. With smart lighting, it’s easy to mix your ambient, task and accent lighting as required.

An LED bulb with a white base and multi-coloured top.


Large Fixtures and Sculptural Pieces

Move over minimalism. 2019 was all about maximisation. Think big, bold and beautiful. While simple and paired-down lights still have their place (the minimal industrial-chic look isn’t going anywhere), the trend this year was oversized and ornate.

Designers are using statement lights in bold colours and designs to add life and light to their spaces. Lights are becoming more and more decorative and sculptural. These lights don’t just complement the artwork on the wall, they are the artwork. Eye-catching and over-the-top, these statement lights are the centrepiece of the room.

To get the look, large, sculptural pieces are best used in large open living areas, but if you’re working with a smaller space, opt for white or bright-coloured designs that won’t dominate the space.  

A gold pendant light made up of multiple cascading gold hoops strung up at multiple angles by multiple thin cords.


Speaking of bold. Marble is here to stay.

White marble bases have been trending for a while now, but in 2019, lighting designers branched out by using different marbles in bolder colours with stronger veins. Colourful stones, such as grey, pink, green and black marble, can give your space instant sophistication. And unlike installing a marble benchtop or tiling, adding marble accents in the form of lighting is a much smaller, and more affordable, commitment.

Marble is great for interiors because it contrasts so well with other popular materials, such as wood grain, and can add depth and warmth to a room. It also makes for a great focal point.

Like brass, marble is best used in small doses. Keep it fresh with accent and statement pieces, as too much marble can overwhelm a room.

A table lamp with white oval glass light sitting atop a black marble base with a black cord

How to stay on trend with the right lighting choices for your space

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