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How to light your apartment with pendant lights

With populations becoming increasingly condensed the number of people living in apartments continues to grow. Many apartments are based in highly built-up areas and are surrounded by skyscrapers, meaning that effectively lighting a room has become increasingly challenging. While the importance of effectively utilising the natural light available can’t be underestimated, thinking about how you’re going to use indoor lighting for both decorative and practical reasons should not be overlooked. In this post we’re going to run through some key considerations you should review when looking to install pendant lighting in your apartment. 

What’s the layout of your space?

While you’ll often find apartment buildings close to each other, it doesn’t mean they’re all the same size. If you’re living in a larger studio apartment with high ceilings your pendant lighting selection is going to be very different for those in a smaller, more confined space. For those with the luxury of tall ceilings, you might opt for something larger such as our Wind or Ophelia pendant lights. Particularly if your apartment is an open plan living space something in this ilk may be appropriate to really catch the eye of your visitors, whilst also providing functional light.

Something else to consider when your apartment is a little more expansive, how can you break up the space? Clever use of pendant lights can help fill voids in larger areas and can also help segment areas up to leave smaller, more private sections of the room. For rooms with high ceilings, a long pendant which hangs down or one with multiple drops can connect the room from top to bottom and help avoid any feelings of vacancy. 

While high ceilings and open plan living is great, it’s important to remember that most people living in apartments are dealing with a smaller space, making something more subtle and compact a better option.

It’s a common misconception that pendant lights have to be an elaborate centrepiece for your space, when working in a more confined area you can definitely afford to be more astute with your lighting selections. Something compact such as our Magik pendant can complement a confined space as it is not overbearing and won’t crowd the space. 

What’s the function of your space?

We’ve found that pendant lights can be particularly useful for a variety of tasks. Hanging over an island bench in a kitchen or as an elongated feature over a dining space are among the most popular applications of pendant lights in small spaces such as apartments. When areas begin to become cramped, you have to be wary of task lighting clashes. In this scenario is where pendant lights can be particularly useful as they can target a confined desk or bench space, using pendants in conjunction with spotlights and rail lighting can form the perfect lighting ecosystem.

When the space has multiple functions utilising dimmers can also be particularly useful as they give you the ability to adapt the lighting to various functions within the space. From romantic dinners to intense games of Operation, dimmers allow you to do it all in one place. 

A few extra tips:

If your apartment space is prone to being on the darker side you probably don’t want to overwhelm your visitors with a heap of lights. In this situation, the clever placement of a mirror can be your best friend by acting as a subtle way to disperse light and make your space feel larger and more spacious.

If budget isn’t a concern when fitting out your apartment with new lights then the world is your oyster, you’re not restricted to a certain number or style of light. For many people, however, there is often a need to be a little more creative in our lighting selections when there’s a budget to complete a renovation or redesign. Because of this, think carefully about the type and number of lights your space needs. If you require any assistance in lighting your apartment, big or small, please get in touch today to organise a consultation. 

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