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Watch the Video: Latest Lighting Trends With Adele Locke

Late last year, About Space took part in the Super Design Festival, a coming together of Australia’s best and brightest designers and design lovers.

The festival, for members of the architecture, building, construction and design industries, was a fantastic and fun way to get together with others in our field to share ideas and inspiration. 

Like most events in 2020, the immersive and interactive festival, which included seminars, workshops and interviews, took on a slightly new format, blending digital experiences and in-person (covid-safe) events.

In this installment, we chat with Director of MINT Professional Lighting Consultants, Adele Locke. Adele grew up making light fittings in her family business and now works on residential and commercial projects.   

A self-confessed (and publicly acknowledged) lighting geek, Adele tells us about one of her main passions - getting away from downlights in residential homes! Adele also loves exploring how lighting affects people and in this video you’ll see just a few of the stunning spaces she’s helped to create. 

Watch the video below:

Over the coming months, we’ll be bringing you some more About Space highlights from Super Design, so watch this space for more videos!

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