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Reinventing your space - light and sound collide in this design breakthrough

As design trends make our homes and offices more open plan, more and more designers and homeowners are running into an issue: amplified sound and echoes. Sound is especially problematic when using popular materials like concrete, glass and hardwood.  But it’s often difficult to find a solution that’s both effective and attractive. Luckily, designers and interior decorators can now have their cake and eat it too, thanks to acoustic pendant lights. 

What are Acoustic Pendant Lights? 


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Acoustic pendant lights are an innovation in the light and sound space. The technology solves two common problems: 

  1. How do we provide high-quality energy-efficient lighting? 
  2. How do we improve acoustics in homes and the workplace?

Rather than dealing with these problems separately, acoustic pendant lights are a breakthrough solution that is both attractive and highly practical. From kitchens to meeting rooms, hotels to auditoriums these lights are growing  in popularity as a method of dampening sound and echoes. 

What are the benefits of acoustic pendant lights? 

Why is everyone trying to get their hands on acoustic pendant lights? Well, there are a few good reasons:

They help you create a more welcoming space 

Creating an inviting space can have a huge impact on your mood. Imagine coming into an office that’s so noisy you can’t think straight, or going home to echoey rooms that reverberate your own words back to you. Combine this with a space that’s dull or lacks sufficient lighting and you’re sure to feel pretty glum. Incorporating acoustic pendant lights is a  win-win, bringing light into the space and dampening loud noises. 

They’re adaptable and versatile

Acoustic pendant lighting offers a practical and creative solution, and the design possibilities are almost endless. Like regular pendants, you can hang them at whatever height you need and for whatever purpose. Whether you want to divide a space, create a focal point with a centrepiece or simply design a bright, quiet and productive space, the possibilities stretch as far as your imagination does. These pendants are versatile and there are a number of options available to complement your space.

They save space 

Because of their dual purpose, you’re saving precious space (which we could all use a little more of!). We often wonder why people spend so much on renovating their homes to maximise the feeling of spaciousness, and then proceed to purchase acoustic panels that look cluttered and unattractive. Acoustic pendant lights area tidy solution that makes a statement and will leave others envious of your lighting and sound solution!

They’re decorative and create ambiance 

No need to light candles and adjust your dimmable lights to create the perfect ambiance at your next dinner party, these pendants have you covered! Highly functional, acoustic pendant lights reduce ambient noise, so you won’t have to shout at each other over the dinner table. It’s also what makes them perfect for the office. Used as task lighting, acoustic pendant lights can boost productivity, while absorbing sound in meeting spaces and open plan areas. And they look great, so no matter where you choose to install them, they’re bound to be a conversation starter. 


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Are acoustic pendant lights right for you?  

If you need a high-quality product that provides energy-efficient lighting while improving the acoustics in your space, this could be the solution for you. Our acoustic pendant lights are constructed of the highest quality polyester fibre. Available in 32 colours, we can help you find the perfect acoustic pendant for your space. Shop the range today. 

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