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Shine Bright with Original & Designer Lighting from About Space

Lighting plays a pivotal role in setting the mood and creating an atmosphere that's both inviting and captivating. At About Space Lighting, we take pride in crafting original lighting designs that go beyond functionality to become works of art. Our diverse range of lighting creations, from pendants to custom pieces, can elevate your space to new levels. 

Our Vision

At About Space, our unwavering commitment lies in the creation of designer lighting that is truly exceptional and exclusive. We aspire for our in-house designed lighting to be the bridge that connects innovation, artistry, and functionality. Every piece that bears our name is a testament to our dedication to pushing the boundaries of lighting aesthetics.

We believe in crafting not just fixtures, but exquisite works of art that enrich spaces, infusing them with a unique sense of beauty and brilliance.  We design lighting collections that seamlessly merge the functionality of task lighting with the elegance of ambient lighting. Our goal is to provide our customers with designer lighting that not only illuminates but also enhances their spaces in a multifaceted way.

Our in-house design team is at the core of our creative and intricate design process. The collective brilliance of our industrial designers truly breathes life into our Originals Collection. From the initial concept sketches to the painstaking refinement process, our team meticulously crafts each bespoke design to perfection. To ensure that every creation is not just visually stunning but also functionally impeccable, we employ 3D printing to physically experience and assess the design's presence in a space before sending it off it be manufactured.  

But our commitment goes beyond aesthetics; we prioritise incorporating cutting-edge technology while adhering to rigorous Australian safety and performance standards. This holistic approach ensures that every About Space product not only looks and feels exceptional but also delivers unparalleled quality and safety to our valued customers. 

Our Inspiring Lighting Solutions

At About Space, we take immense pride in the factors that set us apart. Our in-house design process, dedicated to crafting original and exclusive designs, is the cornerstone of our uniqueness. We constantly push the boundaries of creativity, designing with an eye on both current and anticipated trends in the market. It's our commitment to staying ahead of the curve that allows us to confidently take the market by storm with our unique and quirky designs, setting new standards for innovation and aesthetics in the world of lighting. 

At About Space, we embrace a holistic, 360-degree approach to our design philosophy. We understand that the experience of lighting is not limited to just one perspective or a single space; it encompasses the entirety of how light interacts with its surroundings. Our meticulous attention to detail is paramount in this endeavour. From the intricate patterns to the rich textures and exquisite finishes, we ensure that every element harmoniously combines to create a unique and immersive lighting experience. 

One perfect embodiment of our dedication to this approach is the Caroline pendant. This extraordinary piece is a testament to our commitment to excellence in design. With its soft, inviting curves, the Caroline is not just a light source but an art form that can be appreciated from all angles. Crafted from high-quality materials, like all our original pieces, it not only endures the test of time but also enhances the aesthetics of any space it graces. We believe that every detail matters, and our 360-degree approach ensures that each About Space creation is a masterpiece that transcends mere illumination, delivering an enchanting experience from every angle and in any setting. 

Customisation to Stand Out

One of the standout features of our Originals Collection is the extensive customisation options we offer in our designs. We take pride in presenting our exclusive interchangeable Yosh glass and Yosh shade collections, providing a wide spectrum of choices while maintaining a high-end and premium aesthetic. 

Within our collection, you'll discover stunning table lamps like the Ishi, which oozes our signature style. The Ishi table lamp was created in partnership with ACMI for their exhibition; our team of designers were able to take their idea and expertly transform it into a tangible thing. Read more about how we can craft unique lighting experiences in our blog post on the Ishi light here. 

Our Yosh Collection plays a pivotal role in our original designs, offering the versatility of personalisation and customisation. For example, the Ishi table lamp incorporates Yosh glass, introducing captivating textures, colours, and a complementary element that seamlessly aligns with any space. Our goal is to grant our clients the ability to craft bespoke lighting, enabling them to feel intimately connected to the creation of their unique lighting fixtures.  

2By Collection: Minimalist Excellence 

Our designs are inspired by art, nature and architecture. The 2By Collection at About Space Lighting is a testament to the beauty of nature, through its use of Australian FSC verified wood. With the 2By collection, you can have it all; beautiful, customisable, and eco-friendly lighting that adds a touch of elegance to your space. Made in Melbourne by our dedicated team, you can rest assured knowing that you'll receive a truly unique piece that will ignite conversations for years to come. 

Customise the size, length, and finish to seamlessly align with your interior design. You also have the flexibility to adjust the drop of the suspended pendant, and a variety of colour options are available for the ceiling plate, ensuring that even the most intricate details are tailored precisely to your space. 

Explore the 2By collection today and get in touch with our team to discover how we can transform your space with bespoke lighting that reflects your individuality! 

Bringing Your Ideas to Life 

Our capabilities extend far beyond our standard collections. We have the expertise and craftsmanship to bring even the most ambitious and creative lighting concepts to life. From materials to finishes, sizes to shapes, we work closely with you to ensure that your custom piece meets your exact specifications. 

At About Space we specialise in designing and manufacturing custom lighting pieces for both residential and commercial projects. We have extensive experience collaborating with homeowners, interior designers, architects, and businesses across all industries, and have built a solid reputation for our exceptional service and attention to detail.  

Our in-house design team understand that every project is unique, and that is why they start by taking the time to understand the purpose of your lighting and the story behind your vision. About Space can help you build your design concept from scratch, even if you only have an idea, shape, or colour in mind. Get in touch today to find out more about our lighting consultation services, and how we can bring your dream to life! 

Explore our extensive range of original designs, from pendants and wall lights to floor and table lamps, and discover how our unique designs and custom capabilities can help you craft something truly special for your space.  

Ready to bring your unique lighting vision to life? Let's create a custom light together! Click here to get started now.

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