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Swinburne University x About Space Partner Yet Again!

About Space has partnered with Swinburne University, welcoming two Swinburne University Interns, to our team, as part of their Work Integrated Learning program.

The Media and Communication students, Kayla and Adam, have been working hard for a month as creative writers within the marketing team.  


Since starting with us, they have worked on a diverse range of projects, including product descriptions, promotional material for Euroluce, LIT Awards submissions, our company profile, and numerous blog posts. 

Both interns have been warmly welcomed by About Space and are already considered part of the team. The team has been incredibly supportive, welcoming both interns and allowing them to join meetings and calls to gain a deeper understanding of how the About Space team works together. 

While they have been given constraints for tasks, in both form and content, the interns have been given complete creative freedom with the projects they undertake. The team has taken a step back to allow them to push themselves creatively and as professional writers. As a result, they’ve developed more autonomy, the ability to work independently and be intuitive workers. 

The entire About Space team is super eager to support them through this internship. When either Kayla or Adam have needed assistance with something, the team have been ready to jump on calls and promptly respond to emails. About Space recognises the importance of expanding the interns' professional network and developing their communication and interpersonal skills. 

Our aim is for this opportunity to enable them to enhance their work portfolios and for them to have a fulfilling experience where they can witness their hard work being recognised and published. 

About Space is extremely excited to work closely with these young creatives and see what the future holds for them.  

Check out our website regularly to keep up to date with announcements like these, and to read more of Kayla and Adam's work! 

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