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The Personal and Professional Growth of Our Passionate General Manager

Veronica Vasserman > General Manager 

Veronica Vasserman embarked on her journey with About Space in 2009 when the company was still in its early years. Seeking part-time work to support her studies, she found a flexible opportunity that would later become a significant part of her life. From the moment she started working at About Space, Veronica felt a deep connection to the work and the company culture. This initial bond compelled her to stay with About Space, dedicating herself to its growth and success over the years. 

The Opportunities for Growth Are Endless 

Throughout her time with About Space, Veronica's role has undergone a remarkable transformation. Veronica's relentless dedication and unwavering determination over the years have propelled her to success in a well-deserved leadership role. Starting in sales, she spent nearly seven years building valuable client relationships and honing her salesmanship skills. This experience propelled her into procurement, where she gained insights into the supply chain and streamlined procurement processes. As her journey continued, Veronica transitioned to operations, overseeing day-to-day activities and refining her project management abilities.  

Today, as General Manager, she possesses a comprehensive understanding of the company's operations and strategic direction, making crucial decisions that drive About Space's success. Each role has contributed to her professional growth and provided invaluable lessons along the way. Veronica exemplifies the remarkable achievements that can be attained through unwavering dedication, and her success stands as a testament to the supportive nature of About Space. 

Veronica at Euroluce 2023

A Culture that Entices 

Veronica's choice to stay with About Space was influenced by a multitude of factors that strongly resonated with her. The company's warm and inviting family-style culture, combined with a robust sense of collaboration and teamwork, created an environment where working alongside colleagues became a genuine pleasure. The presence of talented and passionate individuals whom she had the privilege of working with served as a perpetual source of inspiration, contributing to a positive work atmosphere. Further, About Space's steadfast dedication to inventive and imaginative lighting designs harmonised seamlessly with Veronica's personal interests, presenting her with thrilling opportunities for both personal and professional growth. 

One of the most rewarding aspects of Veronica's journey with About Space has been witnessing the growth and development of her colleagues within the company. The ability to see individuals progress in their careers, acquire new skills, and achieve personal milestones has brought immense fulfilment for her. Witnessing About Space accomplish major strategic goals has been deeply rewarding for her, serving as a testament to the collective efforts of the team and their ability to overcome challenges. The transition towards offering more original and locally designed products has been particularly gratifying for Veronica.  

Going Global 

Among the many significant memories Veronica has accumulated during her time with About Space, one stands out to her- the opportunity to exhibit at the Euroluce Design Show in Milan, Italy. This milestone marked a pivotal moment for the company, and being an active participant in the process was a tremendous honour. Recognised globally for showcasing cutting-edge lighting designs, the Euroluce show provided About Space with a platform to present our innovative products on a global scale. Preparing for the fair, engaging with industry professionals, and witnessing the positive reception of their designs created a truly memorable experience for Veronica. Euroluce not only allowed us to showcase our capabilities and products but also reinforce our commitment to pushing the boundaries of lighting design. 


Veronica’s favourite product changes regularly as there are too many fantastic options to choose from. At the moment, her pick is the stunning Caroline pendant, but check in with her tomorrow and it may be a different one! 


Veronica's journey with About Space serves as a testament to the company's dedication to illuminating the path to success in the world of lighting design. Learn about our projects, collaborations and recent events on our Linked In page or by reading more blog posts like this one here 

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