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Beachside Lane

Located by the shore of the Australian seaside, this Beachside Lane home presents a coastal interior design with a spacious sun-filled living room and kitchen whose soft hues, lighting solutions and minimalistic designs draw the viewers’ eyes towards the main attraction: the beach.

About Space Lighting complemented the living room and kitchen with pendant lights that added elegance to the interiors without distracting from the focal point – the beach.

About Space Lighting installed aluminium drop Cannon C ceiling lights, matte black Beam Track lights and aluminium pendant lights with a black frame and black cans similar to the latest Capri 4 ceiling light range. The choices complemented the wooden and marble design features of this coastal home.

The lighting solutions allow the home to display its refined designs throughout the day and well into the night under the moonlight while ensuring the beach views remained the star attraction.

Cannon C ceiling light

Cannon C

Beam Track light

Beam Track

Capri 4 linear light
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