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Bellevue Hill

Located on the harbourside of Sydney’s eastern suburb, this modern and beautifully designed residential home oozes luxury and comfort following the instalments of wall lights, downlights and table lights.

The Lina wall light, made from aluminium materials with a black finish, provides the living room with a modern touch, while the hallway is illuminated by an array of downlights similar to the current Lunar ceiling lights in white. In the main bedroom, the Erica table lamp provides futuristic modernity and amber warmth that contrasts with the room’s cool hues and brings some luxe to the room. The final lighting solution in the bedroom, the Addi TL table lamp, is an elegant twist on the traditional bedside table book lamp, donning a marble round base and dark teal lamp shade.

The lighting has enhanced the interiors’ elegance while providing warmth and softness.

Lina wall light


Lunar ceiling lights
Erica table lamp
Addi TL table lamp
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