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Comuna Cantina

Comuna Cantina is a Latin fusion bar & restaurant. The Baja California desert and architecture inspired the design with its soft organic forms and overall ethos of timeless space and its connection with the authenticity of the Mexican culture. 

The handmade wall niches are a visual extension of the organic form of the bar. These were created to bring the pure nature of one of the unique features from the Mexican/Spanish architectural details.

These little pockets house various props, paying homage to the traditional housing decorations of this culture, terracotta potted cacti, religious tokens, and trinkets that portray a sense of nostalgia to the era. 

The wall render throughout the space was carefully crafted by artisan plasterers to reflect a modern version of the subtle textured ambience of the architectural masterpieces that exist in the Baja California architectural style. Authenticity to this style of design was the key. 


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