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2020's biggest lighting trends (so far!)

Can you believe it’s already September? In 2019, it was all about linear lights, brass, marble and huge fixtures. What lighting accessories and fixtures have been most popular in 2020? Read on to find out.  

Cone-shaped shades


We all know fashion is cyclical, which would explain why the classic empire shade is back in. The design you’re probably more used to seeing in your Grandma's living room is making a comeback. The two trendiest shapes are the empire and the cone. Get the look by picking a table lamp with cone-shaped shades, although they work equally as well as a pendant. 

Black and brass


Brass has been big for a while, but now we’re pairing it with black for a striking and dramatic look that’s sure to turn heads. Matte or glossy black light fixtures are a sleek, sophisticated and modern alternative to metalics. 

Geometric shapes


Geometric-shaped lighting is modern, clean and unique. No wonder we’re seeing the trend pop up more and more often.  The shapes are generally paired back and slimmed down, such as a circle - with clean and slim lines, these lamps are striking yet versatile.  

An easy way to get on board with the trend is the geometric chandeliers or pendant. They pair classic designs with the geometric trends to create something unique but simple, so it won’t dominate your space. 

Natural elements


Striking rattan-shaded fixtures have been big in 2020, especially for coastal-inspired homes or summer homes wanting that Hamptons look. Basket pendants are big on texture, and natural material are versatile, working with most interior styles. 

This return to nature is also influencing the shape and design of lighting fixtures. There’s a strong focus on organic-inspired lines, soft neutral colours and natural materials, such as wood, grass, stone, linen and burlap. 

Don’t think you have to choose one material either - combining multiple materials provides a totally unique looks. Consider combining rustic natural elements with industrial-inspired metal or glass. 

Glass pendant shades


Frosted, coloured and patterned glass has been trending in 2020, enabling you to get the bare bulb look while adding an extra something to the room. Glass pendants are clean and classic, but feel free to play with colours, finish, opacity, and texture - subtly smoky shades glass provides a chic look. 



More and more people are catching on to the benefits of LED bulbs. Aside from being an eco-friendly option, they’re also much more energy efficient, don’t generate much heat (so they’re great for lighting artwork), are recyclable and are designed to last for years. 

They’re also incredibly versatile, so you can fit them to most fixture, including strip lighting, which can be tucked away out of sight in recessed lighting

Architectural floor lamps


A carryover from 2019, these trending lights don’t appear to be going anywhere any time soon. Demanding attention, these modern tripod floor lamps are a conversation starter in any living room. 

Big and bold


Lighting in 2020 is big and bold. Large fixtures are eye-catching, functioning as much as a piece of art, as they are a source of light. 

Oversized fixtures work best in spacious, open-plan areas, but if done right can work in any area.

Chandeliers and pendants


No longer just for manors and mansions, the chandelier has been gaining pace in 2020, but reimagined in more contemporary styles.  

Big is better in 2020, so why not choose two chandeliers in the same room? Or opt for an oversized pendant with decorative chain. Clustered pendants in different shapes and sizes is another great way to get that sense of mass, adding some drama to your interior. 

How to stay on trend with contemporary lighting

Are you searching for the right lights to add some wow-factor to your home or interior design project? Shop our comprehensive lighting range for inspiration. 

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