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A Behind the Scenes Look At Our Custom & Australian-Made Products with Eddy Su

Eddy Su > Industrial Designer & Production Co-ordinator

In the world of design, where creativity knows no bounds, Eddy Su has emerged as a shining star, redefining the intersection of artistry and functionality. His journey with About Space has been nothing short of transformative, illuminating the path to innovation and growth. 

Made For The Role:

Eddy joined About Space with a distinguished background in Product Design, fuelled by years of growth and armed with Industrial Design degrees. A serendipitous job posting for a position with us sparked his curiosity, leading him to About Space, where his profound interest in lighting and product design ignited a new trajectory driven by curiosity and possibility.

Beginning as an Industrial Designer/Estimator, Eddy's role expanded in harmony with the company's growth. He seamlessly transitioned into the role of Product Coordinator, steering a budding assembly team towards a dynamic unit of six. Eddy's ambitions were always anchored in advancing within the company in a design capacity, focusing on product innovation and pioneering R&D endeavours. 

A notable facet of Eddy's journey was his entry into the world of lighting without prior experience. About Space's commitment to growth materialised in comprehensive training, equipping Eddy with the skills to communicate effectively, collaborate with stakeholders, and contribute to the creation of custom designs. Crafting meticulous line drawings for our company website and orchestrating the assembly team are intrinsic aspects of his role that are vital to the success of About Space.

Overcoming Challenges to Make Lasting Memories:

Eddy's path has not been without its share of challenges. Confronting lead time and ETA pressures, addressing product discrepancies, troubleshooting complex dimming and LED driver issues, and rectifying design anomalies have all been woven into his journey so far. Yet, Eddy's perseverance and collaborative spirit have propelled him to conquer each challenge with unwavering determination. 

Among his countless accomplishments, none bring Eddy more joy than witnessing projects' completion. The satisfaction of watching custom lighting designs come to life as envisioned by clients, defines Eddy's journey with About Space. 

One of the most significant memories Eddy can recall from his time with About Space so far is experiencing the "light" training course conducted by the leadership team. This experience ignited a passion for the lighting industry within Eddy, driving him to work hard to offer innovative solutions and designs that would leave a meaningful impact on customers and their spaces. 

Favourite Illumination: The Roth Pendant 

Among the spectacular array of lighting solutions in our collection, the Roth pendant holds a special place in Eddy's heart. Collaborating with our Founder Mark on its creation, observing its evolution from concept to reality, and witnessing its market debut truly encapsulates the joy of creation for Eddy. 

Eddy's About Space journey embodies transformation and innovation through light. Starting from an incidental job posting, he now leads our groundbreaking 2BY collection, showcasing customisation possibilities that redefine brilliance. 

Explore our 2BY and custom lighting collections today to find out how you can craft the perfect lighting solution for your unique space, with help from our talented in-house design team!

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