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From Luminary to Leadership: Jay's Radiant Odyssey with About Space Lighting

Jay Kalfaoglu > Assistant Showroom Manager Alexandria

Jay's story with About Space began in early 2022 when she embarked on a career path that promised challenge, growth, and a supportive environment. Since joining the company, Jay's journey has been nothing short of remarkable. From her initial role as a sales consultant to her current position as an Assistant Showroom Manager, Jay's progression is a testament to her dedication and About Space's commitment to nurturing talent. 

Personal & Professional Growth

Jay's journey at About Space Lighting is a shining example of growth within the company. Beginning as a sales consultant, she worked diligently with the support of her peers and our passionate leadership team to transform into an extraordinary Assistant Showroom Manager. This transition was not only a reflection of Jay's commitment but also the result of regular coaching sessions and her completion of the LIT program

Her time in the program taught her that there is not one way to be a leader, and fuelled her passion for helping others grow in the workplaceYou can read more about what the LIT program entails and how we aim to support our team in their growth and learning, here.  

Making Connections Near & Far

One of the most rewarding aspects of Jay's time with About Space so far has been participating in networking events. These events not only enriched her professional network but also allowed her to meet diverse individuals within the design and architecture industry, creating invaluable connections for the future.

You can find out more information about our upcoming events via our social medias. We can't wait to see you at our next networking event or showcase, and explore the possibilities for future collaboration. If you can't wait until then, and want to get started on a project or design today, get in touch with our team! 

For Jay, the most lasting impact has come from collaborating with the incredible team in Alexandria, NSW. Their unwavering support and ability to brighten even the toughest days have left a mark on her journey with About Space. Jay deeply values the community and culture that have flourished within About Space. This sense of belonging and shared purpose has contributed significantly to her personal and professional growth. 

If you want to see where our passionate team thrive, step into one of our showrooms and immerse yourself in a world of design possibilities. Find your nearest About Space showroom here

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