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From Retail Routine to About Space Adventure: Ryan's Journey of Change and Ambition

Ryan's journey for fulfillment is a story of change and ambition. It began with a desire to escape the routine of retail, and that desire led him to a lucky find on Seek—an About Space job ad that resonated with his goals. Without wasting any time, he contacted our general manager, and just like that, his About Space adventure began! 

A Dynamic Evolution of Roles 

Ryan's adventure with About Space began with a focus on dispatching at the warehouse, but his story quickly evolved into something more dynamic. Embracing the challenges with gusto, he took the reins of liaison to the commercial team, swiftly becoming their reliable point of contact. His journey reflects the very spirit of About Space—versatility and adaptability. 

Juggling multiple roles and diverse tasks is no small feat, but Ryan tackles it head-on. Armed with well-organized to-do lists and strategic delegation, he navigates the intricacies of his role. The challenge of wanting to help everyone, a testament to his compassionate nature, finds its equilibrium in the delicate art of prioritisation. 

A Journey Worth the Rewards 

For Ryan, the most significant reward lies in witnessing the rapid growth of About Space. In the short time he's been part of the team, the company's progress has been nothing short of impressive—an ode to the collective effort and dedication of the entire About Space family. 

At the heart of Ryan's commitment to About Space are the company's morals and workplace values. The alignment of personal values with the company's creates a unique work environment where he doesn't just feel like an employee but an integral part of a shared vision. It's this shared vision that makes About Space not just a workplace but a fulfilling journey for individuals like Ryan, turning each day into an opportunity for growth and shared success. 

Every About Space order goes through our incredible team at our warehouse. They make sure that everything gets to you safe and sound, and in an efficient manner. Next time you order online, or from one of our showrooms, don’t forget the hard work that goes on behind the scenes by people like Ryan!  

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