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Amelie Acoustic Panels, Indulge in a Contemporary Haven

Welcome to a world where beauty and sustainability harmoniously coexist. Our Amelie Acoustic Panels are more than just stunning; they're a testament to natural beauty and eco-conscious design. 

Acoustic Excellence & Sustainable Elegance 

About Space Amelie Acoustic Panels are a fusion of high-quality craftsmanship and impeccable acoustic properties. Our panels transcend mere aesthetics, offering a multitude of benefits beyond the visual appeal. They effortlessly absorb excess sound, transforming any interior space into an elegant sanctuary of tranquility. Perfect for crafting functional spaces or adding an exclusive, high-end feature that sets your space apart from the rest.  

Our panels are crafted from sustainable materials. The acoustic felt is derived from recycled materials, certified in accordance with the rigorous standards of Global Recycle Standards (GRS). The wood slats, the epitome of luxury, are made from MDF board certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). 


Versatile Design for Any Space 

Our wooden slat panels transcend conventional boundaries. They seamlessly adorn both walls and ceilings, offering ease of installation. With a spectrum of available finishes, they unlock endless possibilities, enabling you to shape your space with sophistication. 

Our Amelie panels are more than functional; they are a decorative feature that breathes life into your spaces. With a designer feel, they effortlessly enhance the aesthetics of any environment. There are countless applications for the panels. You can add them to your walls, ceiling, or even use them as decoration for the functional or aesthetic features in your space.  

Our wooden slat panels redefine the acoustic experience with high levels of sound absorption. They expertly capture sound waves and fashion a tranquil, more serene environment for your space. Perfect for focused office spaces, as well as large and bustling common areas. They are just as useful in the home, enhance your study for productivity, or even make your kitchen and living areas feel more intimate and cozier.  

Let Your Imagination Run Wild 

When it comes to finishes, we embrace the art of imperfection. The surface of our panels are finished either with veneer that enhances their natural and rustic aesthetic. 

The MDF within the panels comes in both Yellow and Jet Black. Both are made from green materials, making the panels just as eco-friendly as they are gorgeous. If you're after a natural look or a bold statement, the panels can complement any interior décor or style.  

When it comes to our panels, the possibilities are boundless, allowing you to shape your interior design dreams. You can easily cut through the panels with a circular saw or a knife, crafting them to your desired length and width. Your canvas, your rules!  

These panels seamlessly mount above and next to each other, giving you the freedom to install them horizontally, vertically or even alternated to create a pattern. It's a visual playground, offering limitless design potential. 



Our About Space Amelie slat panels are more than just trendy; they're your shortcut to a swift transformation. Installing them on your wall or ceiling is a breeze. 

There are three ways that you can install the panels; gluing straight on to the panel, screwing directly into the surface or screw the panels onto wooden racks. Consider the surface type, location and how effective you prefer the sound absorption to be, in order to decide on the best method for your unique space. 


Complement your acoustic panels with wooden lighting that also heroes the beauty of natural materials. Explore our collection of wooden lighting here to create a cohesive design for your next space.  

Read our brochure for more details on panel specifications and inspiration on how you could apply them in your home or commercial space.  


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