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How to select the perfect bedside lamp

Most people will spend approximately a third of their life in bed and as a result of this will refuse to skimp on finding the perfect mattress. You’ll often find them spending hours-upon-hours testing to ensure that their mattress is the perfect fit. If people are willing to spend so much time finding what they’re going to sleep on every night, they definitely should spend just as much time finding what they’re going to sleep next to - a bedside lamp. 

Addi Table Lamp

Addi Table Lamp


A general rule of thumb for selecting the size of your lampshade is that it should be around two-thirds of the height of your lamp body, helping to maintain a solid ratio looks wise and will also not lose balance. You also should consider the size of your beadhead as well as your night stands, the last thing you want is your lamp being dwarfed and as a result being lost among the other components of the bedroom. 

Height of the lamp is important for providing useful reading and ambient light. The bottom of the lampshade, should sit around the same height as your chin if you are sitting in bed. This will will be effective without creating glare.

Selecting the correct size of lamp provides more benefits than those that are aesthetic; don’t forget to maintain enough room on your nightstand to place all of your essential items while you sleep. 



The next consideration is what kind of style are you after? It’s important to consider how your lampshade will fit in with the rest of your room. Shades will come most commonly in either glass, steel or fabric.

Steel lampshades are great for generating more directed light, perfect if you’re going to be spending a lot of time reading and require a smaller, more targeted surface to be illuminated. 

Fabric lampshades will disperse light more evenly and are suitable for more ambient and passive lighting. Despite this, if you find yourself reading in bed frequently, you’ll still be able to find a suitable fabric lampshade, just ensure that the lampshade is about level with your eye line so that you catch some stronger light coming out of the bottom. 

Glass lampshades are incredibly versatile as they can project or dampen light. They can also be decorated by tinting different colours and adding shapes that are projected across the walls of a room. Glass lamp shades are often the most visually striking of the bunch as a result of the way they can project light across a room.



While the style of lamp that you prefer is entirely subjective, there are a few basic principles that should be followed when looking to make your next purchase. 

Does the style of the lamp work with the aesthetic of the rest of your room? For obvious reasons, it’s always best to keep things consistent and flow nicely with the rest of the elements of the room. The perfect lamp can be the ultimate compliment to the decor of your bedroom, we’re going to run through just a few of our favourites. Something like our Zen table lamp can perfectly complement a sheek, contemporary space. Feeling like the Great Gatsby? Evoke some art deco motifs with our Dura table lamp. If neither of these tickle your fancy, check out the rest of our lamp range here.

The beauty of bedside lamps is that they are versatile. They can act as a cost effective centre-piece in your space, or they can take a back seat and act as more of a functional item. If you’re looking for the perfect bedside lamp in your bedroom, please get in touch.  


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