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Illuminating Innovation: Steven Rollis' Design Journey at About Space ‌

Embarking on his design journey with About Space has been a transformative experience for Steven Rollis. In this feature, we delve into the evolution of his role, the challenges faced and the profoundly rewarding moments that have shaped his career.

Joining About Space:

Steven's entry into the realm of About Space occurred during his honour’s year in Industrial Design at RMIT. Juggling studies, he joined the team part-time, immersing himself in the assembly team under the mentorship of Eddy. This initiation allowed him to delve into the intricacies of custom products, lighting components and the meticulous processes of packaging and dispatch.

Evolution of Steven's Role:

Steven transitioned into the position of Junior Product Designer, showcasing projects such as the collaboration with ACMI and the development of the ISHI table lamp in his portfolio. Under the significant guidance of our Company Director Mark, he not only honed his skills but also cultivated a unique design perspective. This mentorship propelled him to the esteemed position of the company's Product Designer. His contributions expanded to encompass original products like the ERIS and NEPTUNE pendants and subsequently, the Levia pendants and Sirolo wall lights.

Sirolo Double Wall Light Concepts – an original design by About Space Lighting

The evolution into product design was not merely a shift in title but a transformative journey guided by Mark's seasoned expertise and mentorship, which became instrumental in shaping my distinctive approach to design.

Sirolo Double Wall Lights – an original design by About Space Lighting

Attraction to About Space:

About Space beckoned Steven with its commitment to providing industrial designers with diverse design challenges. The allure of engaging in projects ranging from product installation manuals to showcasing at International Design Fairs was an enticing prospect. The company's dedication to fostering a dynamic environment for designers like Steven was a significant factor that drew him in and continues to keep him here.

Challenges Faced and Overcoming Them:

A key challenge in Steven's role has been offering design solutions to assist his fellow team members in enhancing customer experiences. From developing comprehensive lighting solutions to collaborating with various teams, overcoming these challenges required close collaboration with stakeholders. Drawing on their experiences and knowledge, Steven harnessed his professional skills to provide effective design solutions.

Rewarding Aspects of Working at About Space:

The most fulfilling aspect of Steven's journey at About Space has been witnessing the impact of his design interventions on the professional growth of his colleagues. Ultimately, the joy comes from seeing their products transform new builds, renovations or rental properties into warm and inviting spaces for their customers. The collaborative ethos, where knowledge-sharing and innovation thrive, makes every day an exciting new opportunity.

Significant Memories and Lasting Impact:

A memory etched in Steven's career is the opportunity to attend the Euroluce Salone del Mobile in Milano. The experience of professionally exhibiting About Space's original products and immersing himself in the realm of European lighting design has left an indelible mark on his design journey.

Euroluce Salone del Mobile About Space Lighting Design Original Product Showcase

Favourite Product: Levia Pendants:

Among the myriad of customisable products at About Space, the Levia Pendants stand out as a personal favourite for Steven. Designed with a minimalist frame, these pendants allow customers to infuse creativity by choosing from various shades, creating a versatile and timeless design. The Levia Pendants, with their ability to adapt over time, epitomise About Space's dedication to customisation and innovation. Whether combined with vibrant Cambio shades for a touch of Piet Mondrian or paired with Missi glass for modern elegance, the Levia Pendants encapsulate the essence of About Space's design philosophy.

Values at About Space:

At About Space, they are bound by strong team values that emphasise open communication, collaboration and a shared commitment to innovation. The continuous exchange of experiences and expertise among team members creates a melting pot of creativity, making each day at About Space fulfilling and stimulating.

About Space's Future:

Reflecting on the remarkable growth witnessed over the past year, About Space's future appears radiant, particularly from a design perspective. With a leadership team prioritising innovation, creativity, sustainability, and meticulous attention to detail, About Space is poised to emerge as a frontrunner in the lighting design industry.

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