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Celebrating Excellence in Lighting Design: About Space Lighting Shines at LIT Lighting Design Awards

The LIT Lighting Design Awards stands as a testament to the global brilliance in lighting design, recognising the outstanding efforts of designers and implementers worldwide. This annual competition boasts a distinguished grand jury panel comprised of academics, professionals, press members, entrepreneurs and key figures from the lighting design industry. The judging process is meticulous, evaluating entries based on innovation, aesthetics, functionality, ergonomics, durability, impact, utility, ecological compatibility, the reality of production and emotional quotient.


YONA Linear LED Pendant: Winner in Illuminated Home Décor

About Space Lighting secured two prestigious victories at the LIT Lighting Design Awards™, with the Yona Linear LED Pendant leading the way. The Yona pendant is an exclusive masterpiece, featuring refined curvature in the form of an almost entirely cylindrical light shield, providing exquisite illumination to any indoor space.

About Space YONA Linear LED Pendant

Constructed from steel and acrylic, the Yona Pendant exudes a futuristic and modern aura through its unconventional yet recognisable shape. The pill-shaped form of the Yona light's curvature is intentional, creating a sleek and moody look perfectly suited for modern and minimalist spaces. Within this distinct shape, the Yona houses LED lighting, and its glow is artfully regulated by the cylindrical shield that envelops it.

Yona Linear LED Pendant Winner in Illuminated Home Décor

The Yona Pendant is inspired by the Ishi light design, which is an About Space X ACMI collaboration, the unique light, a collaborative creation displayed at the Tate’s Collection, comes in the elegant black/brass colour, showcasing the remarkable synergy of About Space X ACMI's design prowess.

From its thoughtful design to its functional features, the Yona stands as a shining example of lighting innovation and aesthetic sophistication.


Honourable Mention: LOTUS in the Ambient Lighting Category

Adding to the accolades, the Lotus received an honourable mention in the Ambient Lighting category. This remarkable creation embodies the indulgent currents and flow of light, mimicking gravity's effect on waves. Its buttery soft exterior, combined with innovative LED Flex technology, creates a dimensional light that doesn't merely fade into the background.

Crafted with a metal wire frame encapsulated by stretchable fabric, the Lotus exudes an organic and fluid silhouette reminiscent of ocean waves. The cyclical nature of its design, coupled with Flex LEDs, offers a 360-degree view, providing a comprehensive understanding of how light interacts with space and its occupants from all angles.

Original Pendant Light About Space Lighting

Sustainability is at the forefront of the Lotus design, featuring highly efficient LED Flex technology that uses minimal energy. The ability to dim and adjust the lighting ensures optimal energy usage. By mimicking natural light, the Lotus bridges the gap between indoor and outdoor environments, reducing the need for additional lighting sources and minimising energy consumption. Its soft illumination minimises light spillage and pollution, showcasing a design that expertly balances sustainability and functionality.

About Space Lighting's victories at the LIT Lighting Design Awards™ underscore their commitment to pushing the boundaries of lighting design, delivering both aesthetic appeal and sustainable functionality.







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