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Noetic Place Display Showroom: A Revolution in Colour Vibrancy with CRI

Noetic Place Showroom: Popping the Colours Out

The Noetic Place Showroom, a hallmark of contemporary design, showcases a revolution in colour vibrancy, a contributing factor being the implementation of CRI90 lighting solutions by About Space Lighting. This showroom, set at 354-356 Hampton Street in Hampton, Vic, is soon to become a multi-res masterpiece of design and colour.

Behind the Scenes: The Architecture Driving Noetic's Place

Breathtaking architecture is at the heart of Noetic's Place, it is a vision brought to life by the creative minds at FENDER KATSALIDIS. The Noetic Place Display Showroom design philosophy is detailed on their architecture page, it blends modern aesthetics with functional brilliance. The architectural choices made for this project will be complimented by the sophisticated lighting solutions provided by About Space Lighting, which will also enhance the physical structure. To ensure each architectural element is highlighted with true-to-life colour vibrancy, the clever use of CRI90 lights is located throughout the space.

Experiencing Colour Like Never Before: A Tour of Noetic's Colour Choices and Their Effects on Life.

A tour through the Noetic Place Display Showroom is an exploration of how colour can influence our emotion, comfort and perception. The deliberate colour choices, in the earthy and natural tones, illuminated by high-quality CRI90 lighting from About Space Lighting, such as directional track light Pele, or hidden strip and profile ASP Strut, demonstrate how different hues can transform a space, create ambiance and affect mood. Every detail, including the colour and tone has been well thought out and implemented in the showroom which will have an impact on daily life, mood, and overall well-being of the future residents.

The Impact of CRI90 on Visual and Living Experience 

The integration of CRI90 lighting in the Noetic Place Display significantly enhances the visual and living experience. To ensure that the colours of furnishings, walls, and art pieces are vivid and true to their natural appearances, using high CRI will give the best results. For those who care about aesthetics, interior design, or lovers of art, then high CRI will give you a colour fidelity that will give you more accurate colour perception. The Noetic Place Display showcases the profound impact that lighting quality and high CRI can have on the way we improve the living experience and interact with our environments.

For more information about the Noetic Place Display Showroom and its architectural and design philosophy, visit the Noetic Place website: Noetic Place.

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