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Want to maximise your home’s sale price? Lighting comes to the rescue!

When selling property, lighting can greatly enhance your prospect of maximising the property sale price. First impressions matter with buyers and a dark and uninviting home could spell disaster for your property’s value! If you are planning to sell soon, choose lights on discounted sale, there are always good options to brighten up a house, that are a cost effective for you. Use these tips to lighten your home and wow potential buyers. 

Start with the entry to welcome potential buyers

An important area is the interior front entry, the first place you see when you walk in. If you have low ceilings, consider a flush mount light, which sits close to the ceiling. These low profile lights will give you a modern look. Choose a white fitting to blend in with your surroundings, or black to “pop” against them. For larger areas with higher ceilings, go for a larger pendant light or group many lights together in a cluster. If you have a hallway, you can use the same pendant or ceiling light 2 or 3 times all in line with each other. This will ensure an adequate dispersal of light, whilst also looking good.

If you have a limited budget, consider adding downlights (3000k) to cast a warm and welcoming glow. These affordable lights give your space a clean and modern look. Choose lights with a colour temperature of 3000k for a crisp warm light. They’re perfect for hallways, kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms.

Make an impact in the kitchen, the heart of your home

Linear pendants across the kitchen bench provide a clean and effective lighting option, as they throw even light across the whole kitchen bench. Pendants in black, brass and chrome make it easy to match with your kitchen tapware and fixtures, or add some warmth with a timber pendant instead. For a more cost effective option, or a good option for low ceilings, consider Can or track lights for above the bench, go for 3 or 5 depending on the length of the bench.

For the dining table, if you want that “wow” factor, consider a stunning feature pendant light. Don’t be afraid to go big and bold for a great architectural look. 

Don’t forget the bathroom

Illuminating the bathroom will mean it won’t appear dark (and dank) to potential home buyers. Light in the bathroom is one of the key places.

Changing out the wall lights Can have a dramatic effect on your bathroom. Black and brass fixtures are very popular in bathrooms. Brass gives you touch of glam, while black works well against white subway tiles. Be conscious of adding enough light for someone to put make up on.

If you’re on a budget, consider placing a downlight directly above the basing or slightly in front of the mirror on the ceiling. Light will then bounce back off the vanity basin or vanity surface. 

For an aesthetic touch you might also consider dressing up the room with a pendant to one side of the vanity.

These days, nearly anything is possible in the bathroom. Just be sure to choose lighting with an appropriate IP rating. Head on over to this article to read more about IP ratings

Set the mood in the bedroom

The more intimate you can make the space with clever use of lighting, the better. It’s all about creating a mood. 

To achieve this, consider placing two pendants or wall lights either side of the bed above your bedside tables. Or for a portable option select table lamps to complement the space.

Versatile strip lighting strategically placed in cupboards and drawers provide a soft warm glow in what might otherwise be a dark space. It will make the room feel just a little bit more luxurious. Another unique spot for stip lighting is under the bed, which will make it look like it’s floating. 

Light up your exterior spaces with outdoor lighting 

Moving outside, consider where you wish to place light. You might have potential buyers look at the house at night, or even drive by, so try to create ambience with light highlighting areas of the garden for a soft effect. 

Go for a lighting fixture in a durable material like stainless steel. This is especially important if you live near the beach. But like the bathroom, make sure to check the IP rating for any fixtures installed outdoors! 

It’s important to light the entrance of a property for maximum impact. Think about lighting up the garden or a feature tree to add the wow factor.

Ready to maximise your home’s value?

If you’re unsure of what to do to maximise your home’s potential, just get in touch with About Space. Send us some photos of your home, and a friendly staff member will be happy to view them and make suggestions! Many are experienced designers and renovators, so there’s always somebody in-store ready to help!

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