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Residential Lighting Project: Bonbeach

In every homeowner's heart, there's a dream of a forever home that combines impeccable functionality with a distinct sense of style. The Bonbeach Residence is a testament to this dream, where every corner radiates with beauty and practicality, thanks to a thoughtful lighting design. Working closely alongside YDM Design Studio, we had the privilege of contributing our distinctive expertise as a designer lighting company, elevating the project to new heights and ensuring each room exuded a one-of-a-kind radiance. 

When we embarked on the Bonbeach Residence project, we understood that this wasn't just a house, it was the client's forever home. As such, it needed to embody their unique style and meet their functional demands. The lighting design was a key element of this vision. The lighting was carefully chosen to stand out and serve as focal points in each space whilst still being highly functional. 

The Perfect Lighting 

In the realm of home design, we understand that every home is unique. Both our team and the team at YDM Design Studio, appreciate the importance of tailoring design to suit individual styles and preferences. 

In the heart of the residence, the kitchen required lighting that balanced style and practicality. Our choice was the Massimo Pendant, a design masterpiece that not only added a touch of striking elegance but also offered even, essential illumination over the kitchen island. What's truly remarkable is how this pendant gracefully embraced the challenge of a sloping ceiling, proving that style and functionality can coexist harmoniously. 


In the bathrooms, lighting needed to be both decorative and utilitarian. We installed the Forte V12 in the main bathroom, the Buch 60 in the ensuite, and the Zero wall light with a black disc and clear glass in the powder room. These fixtures were strategically placed around mirrors to offer the ideal lighting for applying makeup and shaving. Their spherical forms mirrored the soft and inviting character of the client's furniture and existing pieces. In a similar fashion, the incorporation of opal glass elevated the entire atmosphere, adding a touch of sophistication and enhancing the soft, inviting aura of the space. 

These fixtures are the champions of personalisation, a vital element in sculpting spaces that are genuinely one-of-a-kind. With our Forte and Zero wall lights, you're free to explore a wide array of glass and shade choices, empowering you to craft a lighting solution that stands in a league of its own. 


Consistency and Cohesion 

YDM Design Studio and our team at About Space undertook the mission to orchestrate a flowing, uninterrupted connection between the two floors of the Bonbeach Residence. To weave this architectural symphony, we utilised consistent stylistic elements throughout the entire home. This strategic approach not only bestowed the residence with a sense of seamless unity but also choreographed a captivating journey from one space to the next. 

The Bonbeach Residence is a true testament to the power of lighting design in transforming a house into a forever home. With a careful selection of lighting products, an emphasis on style and functionality, and innovative solutions for unique architectural features, the final result is a home that radiates elegance, warmth, and timeless beauty. 

At About Space Lighting, we take pride in being part of this remarkable project with YDM Design Studio, and we're excited to bring more lighting dreams to life in countless unique spaces. 


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