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The About Space Single Circuit Track Lighting Range

The single circuit track light is one of the most versatile home lighting fixtures and is becoming increasingly popular in residential and commercial spaces. Unlike other lights, single circuit track lights come with a single power outlet to spare you the hassle of managing every light individually.

Maximise the functionality and usability of your space with our premium single circuit track lighting. All our single circuit track lights comes with an on, off and dimmable option, meaning you can adjust the lighting according to your mood. Increase the brightness for reading or getting ready in the morning, or dim the lights for a relaxing time with your significant other.

Besides our versatile single circuit track lighting range, we offer LED lights for every corner of your space, including pendant lightswall lights and wall sconces, ceiling lights, floor lamps, table lamps, chandeliersLED strip lights and much more.

Looking for other types of track lights? Check out our collection of magnetic track lights, recessed track lights and track spotlights

What makes single circuit track lighting a better option?

Single circuit track lighting is a powerful lighting option. It’s cost-efficient and lasts longer than traditional incandescent light bulbs. Single circuit track lights are ideal for creating a calm and romantic mood, determined by colour temperature. Whether you need exceptionally bright lights or want to keep things dimly lit, you can achieve your desired mood using single circuit track lighting.

Do you need a custom single circuit track light tailored to your needs?

Unsure which shape of single circuit track light will look great with your room’s fittings? Worried about how many bulbs you need to illuminate your space? Don’t worry. Our experts will guide you in finding and designing the perfect single circuit track light to complement your decor through our lighting consultation service.

Or, if you can’t find the design you’re after, or you like bits from different designs and wish to combine them into one, no problem! We can configure your track lighting in any way to match your room’s décor with custom lighting.

All our manufacturing is carried out in-house, so it’s easy to customise your chosen light just for you. We can even create your lights from scratch. If you have a specific bedside lamp or ceiling light in mind, or you’ve been inspired by something you’ve seen on Pinterest, that’s great. Our experts have you covered through our custom lighting service.

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