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Behind the Curtain: Sean Reveals the Enchanting Magic of Our Showrooms

At About Space, our showrooms are not just places to display our lighting wonders—they are the vibrant pulse of our brand, where innovation and creativity converge. To maintain these spaces as havens for experiencing our lighting in all its glory, we rely on an exceptional leadership team.  

Meet Sean, whose journey within the spotlight of the Hobart Showroom encapsulates the dynamic spirit of our leadership evolution. From Showroom Manager to our newly appointed Cluster Manager, Sean's story mirrors our commitment to adaptability, determination, and exceeding expectations. His leadership orchestrates the seamless rhythm of operations across multiple locations, ensuring that every About Space showroom provides timeless style and meaningful interaction. 

Anchored in Values and Camaraderie 

For Sean, a workplace's success hinges on it's team, and the genuine camaraderie with his colleagues makes every morning a joyous journey to work. 

Navigating the wild retail waters, Sean thrives on collaboratively overcoming challenges with his experienced team. It's teamwork that turns obstacles into opportunities, forging a path forward, no matter the terrain. 

Triumph at About Space 

The grand opening of the new About Space showroom in Fyshwick, Canberra is one of Sean’s most valued moments of his journey so far. Hours of meticulous planning and execution culminated in a spectacular grand opening event, a testament to the collaborative spirit pulsating through the About Space team. 

Reflecting on memorable moments, Sean highlights the end-of-year celebration where the geographically dispersed team converged in Melbourne. Beyond business calls, these gatherings breathe life into team spirit, allowing everyone to revel in collective accomplishments. 

About Space's Incredible Culture  

What sets About Space apart for Sean? It's the unwavering support and empowerment woven into the fabric of the workplace. The sense of belonging and a healthy work environment are the cornerstones of his professional satisfaction. 

In Sean's short tenure, About Space has witnessed remarkable growth. As processes streamlined and efficiency became the norm, the company found space to innovate and produce more breathtaking products. 

Sean's Favorite Product  

Being on the showroom floor it's hard for Sean to pick a favourite design. Instead, he describes his likes as a delightful carousel where his preferred lighting product changes almost every week. 

Feeling inspired by Sean's journey and the magic within our showrooms? Well, it's time to turn that inspiration into an experience! Head into your closest showroom, where the About Space team awaits, ready to guide you through the enchanting world of our lights. Immerse yourself in the brilliance firsthand, and let our team illuminate your visions. 

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