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Shayla's Shining Journey: Lighting Up About Space with Passion and Progress!

Shayla's About Space adventure began with a tip from a friend about a full-time showroom assistant position. Armed with a degree in interior architecture and a love for customer service, she saw it as the perfect opportunity to merge her two passions. With enthusiasm, she reached out to the showroom manager, setting the stage for a journey that would be nothing short of extraordinary. 

Starting as a showroom assistant at our St Kilda Showroom, Shayla quickly fell in love with lighting. Eager to take on more challenges, she seamlessly transitioned from learning the ropes to setting her sights on a project-related role. Shayla's dedication and proactive approach didn't go unnoticed, and she achieved her ultimate professional goal at About Space—becoming a Business Development Consultant on the commercial team! Her story is a testament to the power of perseverance and self-belief. 

Why About Space? 

What attracted Shayla to About Space was the perfect alignment of her studies with the role she applied for. However, it was her evolving love for lighting and the continuous learning opportunities that solidified her commitment to the company. The excitement of discovering something new every day in the dynamic lighting industry keeps her passionate and engaged. 

While Shayla acknowledges the ongoing journey of finding her groove in new roles, adapting to new responsibilities and figuring out effective routines are challenges she embraces with a positive mindset. Shayla knows that continuous learning is the key to overcoming any hurdle in her career. 

Amazing Opportunities and Incredible People: 

Shayla has been on a journey filled to the brim with opportunities—from working at interstate showrooms to participating in design shows and networking events. Meeting incredible clients and building lasting relationships are the rewards she cherishes most. 

What Shayla values most at About Space is the emphasis on work-life balance and the seamless communication channels. The collaborative culture, where no task is tackled alone, fosters a sense of unity and teamwork that defines the essence of About Space. 

Meet our dynamic commercial team, ready to turn your visions into reality! Reach out to them today and discover the full spectrum of our capabilities and lighting products. Our Business Development Consultants bring a personalised touch to lighting consultations, ensuring your needs are met with expertise and enthusiasm. Don't hesitate—get in touch with our team today and let's illuminate your ideas together! 

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