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Swinburne Competition Winner Catherine Walton: AVELIN

We are thrilled to introduce one of the four winners of our Swinburne Design Competition! Catherine Walton, a brilliant and visionary designer, effortlessly caught the discerning eye of our About Space team with her exceptional design skills, leaving an impression that reverberated throughout our creative and leadership teams. Catherine's winning design, the Avelin Table Lamp, impressed the judges with its innovative approach, striking aesthetics, and seamless integration into About Space's unique style and approach. 

The About Space x Swinburne Design Competition brought together talented designers from various disciplines at Swinburne University, challenging them to create products that harmonised with About Space's well-established vision and brand identity. 

Catherine is an aspiring industrial designer known for her problem-solving mindset and bold creativity. Catherine's journey into design was fuelled by her childhood passion for art and her fascination with science and physics, which led her to the path of Product Design. Catherine firmly believes that industrial design is one of very few fields that utilise both sides of the brain and therefore, the opportunities are truly endless. 

The Design Process

Catherine's journey through the design process for the Avelin Table Lamp began by immersing herself in About Space's existing originals collection, carefully analysing their design features and materials. However, it was a chance encounter at a friend's house that truly sparked her inspiration. A stunning chandelier made from welded brass pipes caught Catherine's eye, and this serendipitous encounter became the driving force behind the multi-pipe base of the Avelin Table Lamp. 

The Avelin Table Lamp exudes elegance and modernity, with its unique blend of asymmetry and balance. Catherine's initial concept incorporated an asymmetrical form that creates a unified shape when viewed from the front, while intriguing viewers with the illusion of a globe delicately balanced on a thin rod when seen from the side. The lamp's design aims to transform it from a mere accessory to a captivating feature that elevates any space. Catherine wanted to create an experience that was calm, inviting and warm. She hopes that people will discover its delicate and soft glow that enhances study nooks, bedside tables and any cosy space. 

Additionally, her consideration for cost-effectiveness without compromising aesthetics impressed our team. The use of easily sourced metal pipes and a CNC machined metal base showcases her resourcefulness and attention to detail. 

Avelin LED Table Lamp Brass and Opal Glass

This process was not just a learning experience, but an opportunity for the students to explore beyond their comfort zones. This was sure to lead to some challenges, but Catherine was more than capable of making it work.  

One of the significant challenges she faced on her design journey was the transition from conceptualisation to realisation. While having a clear idea of how something should function is great, bringing it to life can present unexpected difficulties. Catherine created a packaging design pattern on her computer, thinking it would work seamlessly when printed. To her surprise, the printed version was completely misaligned due to her oversight of the material properties involved. 

Undeterred, Catherine embarked on a process of prototyping and repeatedly refining her design until it achieved the desired precision. This experience taught her two invaluable lessons: the importance of prototyping and the need to consider tolerances meticulously. Catherine, like many other students that took part in the competition, was able to turn setbacks into valuable learning opportunities, ensuring her design was not only imaginative but also technically impeccable. 

Avelin LED Table Lamp Brass and Opal Glass Swinburne Commercial Designer

About Space and Swinburne University Collaborations: Proudly Supporting the Future of Design

About Space recognised the immense value in collaborating with Swinburne University to create and run the student design competition. By partnering with a prestigious educational institution known for its design programs, About Space aimed to tap into the fresh perspectives and innovative ideas of emerging talent. The collaboration provided an opportunity to engage with the next generation of designers, fostering creativity and pushing boundaries. Furthermore, the competition allowed About Space to support and nurture young designers, helping them gain recognition and showcasing their talents to a wider audience. By investing in this collaboration, About Space demonstrated its commitment to fostering the growth and development of the design industry.  

We are excited to announce that the Avelin Table Lamp is available for purchase on the About Space website and in our showrooms across Australia. Catherine's meticulous design, attention to user needs, and dedication to environmental sustainability have resulted in a remarkable product that will bring warmth and sophistication to any space.

You can read more about how this competition came together, and our other collaborations with Swinburne University here.  


Avelin LED Table Lamp Brass and Opal Glass

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