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Swinburne Competition Winner Oliver Gooding: Oliver LED Table Lamp

In a dazzling showcase of ingenuity and talent, Oliver Gooding has been crowned one of our talented winners of the About Space x Swinburne design competition. This remarkable achievement came to fruition through a remarkable partnership with the university, a collaboration that set the stage for Oliver's extraordinary design journey. 

A Glimpse into the Journey 

Oliver's design odyssey commenced with a burst of ideation sketches, each stroke of the pencil breathing life into a potential form to house About Space's Yosh Glass components. The captivating result? A wavy form crowned by a celestial sphere – an artistic ode to the sun's descent behind the highland hills. 


Adhering to About Space's core values of resilience and tenacity, Oliver confronted challenges head-on. The tight timeline led to countless late nights, a labour of love that saw 3D prototypes and renders evolve from mere concepts to brilliant lighting solutions. 

Sculpting User-Centric Brilliance 

To create a design in tune with users' desires, Oliver chose the path of simplicity. His lamp design masterfully concealed cords and fixings, presenting a seamless exterior. The lamp's switch is nestled behind, maintaining accessibility while preserving elegance.  

The hallmark of Oliver's design lay in the delicate balance between steel and glass. The lamp’s aura holds the promise of mood-altering brilliance in cosy lounges, transcending the ordinary into the extraordinary. 


An Aspiring Innovator 

The marriage of industrial design with sustainable principles defines Oliver's vision. Industrial design, in Oliver's eyes, fashions a sustainable technological future. Designs sculpted with care, incorporating C2C, Biomimicry, and sustainable materials, stand as his contribution. Oliver’s ability to intertwine creativity and pragmatism shines. Creativity knows no bounds, but within confines, solutions are born. 

Harmonising Creativity and Utility 

Creativity flows boundlessly, yet form follows function. Oliver's equilibrium lies in crafting functional products that captivate the beholder's eye. In the realm of design, Oliver Gooding stands as an embodiment of creative brilliance, illuminating the path to an aesthetically innovative and sustainable future. 

The Oliver lamp is available for purchase on the About Space website and in our showrooms across Australia.

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